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TRAILERS: Into the Storm, Jessebelle, Annabelle, As Above, So Below, Hercules, Expendables 3

Well, if you haven't heard, the comic book company Marvel--not the film industry--has relayed that Thor the god of thunder is no longer able to carry the hammer, so a woman is going to take up his identity. Marvel has also announced that Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, has lost the super-human serum and has rapidly aged 65 years, so he is no longer to carry the shield so Sam Wilson, aka, Falcon, takes over as Captain America. Again, this isn't likely to affect the films, however, this clearly validates what I have been saying about the attack on white males in America (I am a white female myself): in order for women of the Left to feel like they have really achieved "equality" with men, they demand that all their power and possessions be stripped of them; this is the same with minorities. The obvious route to take, if Marvel was truly only interested in gaining a female audience, would have been to explore the role of Lady Sif, or another female, or just create a new female character, but no, that's not what they did, they took a white male and have completely castrated him. Gender, in other words, has no become an arbitrary factor of identity, and this is exactly what the decadent Left wants, because being "assigned" a gender when we are born is what God does, and the Left wants to subvert His authority completely in their drive to making the state god, so they support trans-gender and eventually bestiality and incest and pedophilia--yes, they will support all this, just wait--and this is to drive people further and further away from God and religion so people will be less resistant about embracing the state and dependency.
Again, I do apologize, but Grandma is finally well and I can return to my rightful post; I am sorry, this was a serious bout for her. A number of films have released trailers; maybe not all making to a theater near you, but some of are interest and you might pick them up one night at the local rent-a-film-kiosk near you, but first, let's discuss the newest news circulating about The Avengers: Age Of Ultron because this is big.
Some of you may be surprised about the characters of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch; who is who? The problem stems from them being "cross-over" characters in the Marvel universe, meaning they appear in more than one series, in this case, X-Men and The Avengers. On the left is Evan Peters portrayal of Quicksilver which we just saw in X-Men: Days Of Future Past--and it has been verified that he's returning for X-Men: Apocalypse--and the little girl is his sister, Scarlet Witch. On the right is Aaron Johnson as Quicksilver and Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: the Age Of Ultron.   Yes, this is confusing. The Avengers seems to be keeping the siblings as twins, whereas X-Men seems to make Peter older but that might be his advanced aging as a result of his speed (note his gray hair). In X-Men, Peter helps the X-Men break Magneto out of the Pentagon--and it's possible Magneto is his father--but in The Avengers, the twins start out at least on the side of evil. If you saw the post-credits scene for Captain America: the Winter Soldier, you saw the twins in cages and, supposedly, this is the exact point at which The Avengers: the Age Of Ultron starts, with the Avengers breaking in and shooting up everything. An additional difference between the two sets of siblings is that the X-Men has them being very middle-class America; the Avengers, however, has them being Gypsies from Romania who just wander and travel, and, consequently, haven't had anyone to help them and teach them to use their gifts.
Supposedly, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), ha built a robot with his intelligence and personality (oh, yea, I bet the Avengers just love this) to lead an "Iron Legion" that protects the world; this robot is, ultimately, Ultron (James Spader) who has some of Stark's traits, but none of Stark's humanity (there is a switch here between the comic books and film, but this is how The Avengers 2 is going to play out). So, why is this important? Well, we just saw two perfect examples of this, one is Transformers IV and X-Men Days Of Future Past (and we can probably throw in Robocop). The Galvatron model was based on Optimus Prime, but had Megatron's conscience and broke protocol of what he was supposed to be like. In X-Men, the Sentinels have all the qualities of the mutants, but none of their humanity. So, where are these films leading the dialogue?
Simon West (The Expendables 2, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Con Air) has been signed to direct the Tolkien & Lewis project, about the two Oxford dons who wrote The Lord Of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia, respectively. The film will explore their friendship and similarities, but also their ultimate falling-out.
The strains between human and machine have been explored since the beginnings of cinema; today, however, I think it's more of what's going to happen to us if personal identity--such as gender and religion--are removed from us and we are forced to become more like machines by a government who rules over us like animals. Gender and religion are two of the identity factors which make us human, compassionate and adaptable, whenever someone tries to replicate humanity but make humanity "more human than human" (to use the line from Blade Runner) these are aspects often left out, but they also prove to be the essentials: that which makes us emotionally and psychologically vulnerable.
Speaking of Iron Man, Disney has found its Mowgli for their new release of The Jungle Book, which is really only important for one reason: Jon Favreau is directing. There have been numerous films the Progressives have put out, calling for a return to nature and a disavow of technology, and a new edition of The Jungle Book could easily fall into that category; however, with Favreau directing, I'm not concerned about it, and am fairly confident we can count on the director/actor to deliver the perfect punch to films such as Moonrise Kingdom and Gravity who advocate digressing.
Again, several trailers have been released for films that are coming out which you may or may not get a chance to watch (more likely rent) but they are worth a glimpse. First, Into the Storm, which, granted, might end up being a global warming propaganda film, however, please listen to the speaker and who he is quoting as the rain begins pouring down on the graduates:
Did you recognize Richard Armitage (The Hobbit, Thorin Oakenshield)? The speaker at the commencement is quoting American essayist Henry David Thoreau, who is best known for his essay Resistance to Civil Government, also known as Civil Disobedience, in which he contends "The government is not just a little corrupt or unjust in the course of doing its otherwise-important work, but in fact the government is primarily an agent of corruption and injustice. Because of this, it is 'not too soon for honest men to rebel and revolutionize (Wikipedia).'" Now, the speaker quoting Thoreau about living your dream, just as a devastating storm comes along and destroys the school, begs comparison: is there a "storm" that has "destroyed" the schools in America so that students won't be able to live out their dreams? Well, if you know anything about Common Core Curriculum--that, basically, any answer a student gives is correct if they can explain how they arrived at that answer, and puts more emphasis on emotions over logic--then a storm destroying a school makes perfect sense (not to mention the students who are "trapped under water," that being a financial term for being in debt, which the Millennials are, $17 trillion, because of Obama). I could be wrong about the film, New Line cinema tends to be pretty liberal, and so, too, is Focus Films, the newest Jeremy Renner film also looks like it's making a political point:
Now, when was the last time a reporter in this era (i.e., since 2008) risked their life to do their job? Michael Hastings, apparently, gave his life to expose something, and so, too did Sheryl Adkinson in leaving MSNBC because they wouldn't let her report the news she wanted to talk about; these reporters are rare in today's America, however, so Kill the Messenger is like a slap-in-the-face to everyone in the journalist world because none of them today can say they are doing what this journalist did. This next film, Jessabelle, is probably going to be liberal, however, it's worth stretching our minds over. Remember, a mother will symbolize "the motherland."
Given the list of pro-socialist films these film makers are associated with, and the girl (Jessabelle) who is going to die a horrible death was born during the Reagan Administration, yea, the woman on the video she thought was her mother is supposed to symbolize capitalism, etc. Speaking of pro-socialist horror films, Warner Brothers has overcome their legal problems with The Conjuring to finally release Annabelle, the story of the haunted doll.
Now, the song Cherish plays the woman who is given the doll has "cherished" the doll or the idea of having the doll, so this is materialism and that, so socialists, is the ultimate evil, so bad, that the materials themselves will rise up to destroy you, as is the case with this doll. Secondly, there is the issue with the neighbors: "I like your doll," and this is supposed to relate back to The Purge, the story of having neighbors who are jealous of your success to the point they kill you because of it, and this film appears to be no different. Thirdly, the doll, Annabelle, doesn't look anything like the original Raggity-Ann type doll that was the original Annabelle (upon which the story is based from Ed and Lorraine Warren's case studies) which means the studio totally did her up this way to make a point: blond hair and blue eyes, she's meant to be a horror image of what Western civilization values in terms of beauty (never mind Hitler's Aryan agenda). So, that pretty much takes care of that film.
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This probably won't be released in a theater near you, but I have a minor in archaeology so it struck a cord with me (a thankful cord that I never went on a expedition like this one).  As above, So Below contains a very interesting New Historicism detail, that is, a date which triggers an association we are supposed to make so we can better understand the premise of the film; can you find what it is?
At 0:31 seconds, the title card says the mass grave was built in 1785, which isn't true (although they did get the number of bodies, about 6 million correct) so this isn't an over-sight, rather, it's a lead (there was a mini-cave-in in 1774, but the graves had been built since Paris was first established in the 5th century) so, what is it about 1775? Two things happened which the film might be wanting to comment upon. First, Cardinal de Rohan is arrested for the affair of the diamond necklace involving Marie Antoinette, one of the events leading to the French Revolution; secondly, the the Pantheism controversy broke out, which was a serious atheist  issue during the Enlightenment. Given the film is about finding the gates of hell, this could be what the film is targeting. So, our next selection is called Ouija:
It's interesting to see so many films that are emphasizing the "inexplicable." The mysterious is employed... why? Yes, it's scary and scary films can make big bucks, but we also know these films have agendas (like Oculus, which was an extremely well-done pro-socialist film and I was writing the post and got on a Lacan tangent then didn't get the thing done, I will try to) and, in this case, those agendas revolve around "material objects": if there wasn't the material object of the Ouija board, none of this would have happened. Now, it's time for some pro-capitalism:
Actually, I'm not quite sure about anything with the storyline, but they are kicking-ass and that must mean it's pro-capitalist. Next weekend, Hercules opens, and we know that men symbolize the economy, so as you watch Hercules fight and rally warriors with special skill sets to his side, be thinking of that:
"You cannot deny what you are, the gods will punish you for it," which is a line of thought/reasoning we may very well be seeing in Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods & Kings as Moses, like Hercules, searches for his identity. Now, those "descendants of Hades" who "cannot be killed by an ordinary mortal" are surely Liberals, because--just like the Necromancer in The Hobbit raising his Wraiths from the dead--so these soldiers have been long-dead but are coming back for more, just like the Cold War soldiers of socialism. "Save these people, restore order to this world," doesn't that sound like what a lot of people would like to say about the United States right now?
One last detail that's important: "My time's not come yet, I'm not sure about yours," that line comes from Braveheart, when the crazy Irish guy tells William Wallace (Mel Gibson) that same thing, which means, the makers of Hercules wanted to quote a film leading a rebellion against an unjust government in that scene (when films "quote" or "borrow" something from another film, it's not just an homage, but also a expansion of vocabulary to make you think of that other film and the events that took place in it so a reference is created). So, when we watch that scene, we will need to think of ways it reminds us of events in Braveheart. This leads us to a trailer that surprises me, but really, just watch this, because I am quite impressed with what they have done (so far, at least, in the trailers):
There are actually several details worthy of our attention. First, at 0:17-19, "Let's rock-n-roll," what does that remind you of? Rock and roll? Good, because Rock Of Ages, with Tom Cruise, is about that exactly, how rock-n-roll saved America from socialism (yea, really). Then, they are comparing themselves to "shadows in the night," and bragging--not that everyone saw them--rather, that no one saw them, and that's how they encounter April O'Neill who got a photo. They don't want to be famous. "Oh, he's using his Batman voice," what does that tell you? They watch Batman! Even though Bruce Wayne is a billionaire, and these turtles live in the sewer, they look up to Batman because he's a standard upon which they can model their own behavior.
You have to admit, regardless of what you think of them, they do always look like they are having fun; why? Why not have super serious turtles? To begin with, a turtle actually is a good symbol for a ninja because turtles are often employed as symbols of the meditative life: just as a turtle retreats into himself when he goes into his shell, so we are supposed to retreat into ourselves away from the world, and that ability to focus and know who you are are essential characteristics for good ninjas. They have fun because "seriousness" is part of the enemy they are fighting, and, again, we have all ready seen this in Rise Of the Guardians with Jack Frost (Chris Pine) when he finds his "core" is fun and fun is able to bring dreams back and defeat Pitch (Jude Law). So this aspect of the Turtles is a serious one to consider.
Next, we hear Shredder telling them, I have trainer you your whole lives to protect the city above, so even though no one knows you exist, and you live in the sewer, and you'll never get any recognition, save the city anyway. That is pretty heroic in my book. But, in spite of all their training, there is a villain so bad, that we have all ready seen him in The Wolverine: the samurai. On another note, Whoopi Goldberg will probably serve, like Robert Redford in Captain America: the Winter Soldier, as a mouth piece of socialism and it will be quite rewarding getting to see her eat her own words, even if it is only on screen.
Just as we commented upon the role of journalists above with Kill the Messenger, so April O'Neil's role in getting a story and what she's willing to do to get it should remind journalists what their calling is and how they haven't been doing it.
Really, I'm almost done with Transformers IV, and I will get that up!
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