Friday, May 23, 2014

X-Men Days Of Future Past, Edge Of Tomorrow & SALEM

UPDATED: This post now contains important information about the end-credits scene; if you have not seen the film yet, you may want to stop reading; if it were me, I think I would want to know because I had no idea what was going on in that scene, so you might appreicate it more having some background information.
There is the excellent Captain America: the Winter Soldier and the fabulous The Amazing Spider Man 2 and the monumental Godzilla. It's X--Men Days Of Future Past that is the movie of the year! It is absolute perfection, I wouldn't change anything, it's perfect! There is an end-credits scene, so don't leave before you see it because that's probably the basis for X-Men Apocalypse!
This is Apocalypse, the arch-enemy of the X-Men and the star villain of the next installment, X-Men: Apocalypse. In the end credit scene, he's seen much, much younger, to emphasize--when the next film comes out--how long he's been around and how powerful he is; oh, and that he's used to being worshiped like a god. 
There is a person with thin arms/hands, raised up, moving pieces and segments of the pyramids, as hundreds and thousands fall down before the figure and worship (the revealed) young man. The actor in this scene will not be portraying Apocalypse in the next film, we have been told, however, we do have a definite idea of the next film being about someone who has a god-complex, thinks he can take apart ancient civilization just because he has some power and is mindlessly being worshiped; sound like anyone you know?
When the trailer first came out, I was boggled by all the action to the point I couldn't make heads or tails of a story line; once I found the story line, I just kept forgetting to post on it. Tom Cruise's 2014 summer sci-fy-action-thriller Edge Of Tomorrow is going to be awesome. It just is.
We'll talk about this in greater depth later, but ask yourself this: who is it that keeps wanting to change history? The liberals. They flat-out deny that the Nazis and Hitler were socialists, or that the Soviet Union was socialist, or that North Korea is socialist, or that China and Cuba are socialist; they do it wrong, it just needs to be done the right way, which no one has ever done. We've seen those octopus-like creatures before, it's the symbol of HYDRA in Marvel comics that Captain America is constantly fighting off. What I love about this is how important of a weapon our memories are in this battle and how we can learn to overcome them by their mistakes. This is going to be a great film!
I have finally watched the pilot for WGN's SALEM and yes, we are definitely going to do this! It's not quite as sophisticated as Penny Dreadful, however, there is quite a bit of great stuff going on and it will give us a chance to really flex our muscles. Episode 6, The Red Rose and the Briar, airs this Sunday; if you don't get WGN, like myself, you can download it at iTunes under the Salem heading, I think it's $2.99/episode OR YOU CAN WATCH THEM FOR FREE AT THIS LINK, just by entering in your birthday; yes, it is legit, I tried it (I do suggest turning on the closed caption, which you can do once the screen is pulled up and put your cursor of the little widget at the bottom, right hand corner of the screen; Captions On Off will be displayed, just click ON and it will make a big difference . How many episodes are there? I haven't been able to figure it out, somewhere between 7 and 9, but it has been confirmed that it has been renewed for another season, which is another reason to watch it. We will be doing Penny Dreadful, but I probably won't do it until it comes out on disc.
Really, Godzilla is almost done, and there are a few things I want to think about for X-Men, but you have to go see it, it was perfect!
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