Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TRAILERS: Interstellar, Transformers IV, Cinderella, X-Men Days Of Future Past

This is dirty. It's greasy and worn and marked. Rather like Captain America's shield, these emblems are battered and wearing down. What we might deduce about the plot of the film from this image, is that the "hope" that the "S" stands for is the "heart" of the bat, and Superman helping Batman find his "heart" again, may be what this is about (we know that Batman has been in the batcave using drones to kill people, which Superman probably doesn't think is very cool). We also notice that the bat part is,... how should we put it,.... "squattie?" I mean, it looks like that vampire on the Muppets (please look below, for the comparison between this bat emblem and The Dark Knight Rises emblem). Another thing to be noted is the gold in the upper and lower curves of the "S" (because gold does not tarnish) but even Superman has obviously been through a really, really tough time. Lastly, on this image, we have to note the title: Batman is going against Superman, not Superman going against Batman. Does Batman decide to take out Superman? That's what the grammar suggests. Further, the "Dawn" suggests that, heretofore, we have been living in a "dark night of the soul" and justice has not prevailed (which is absolutely the truth: turn on the TV and just watch the newest "scandal" the Obama Administration has perpetuated upon the American people, it's a lawless country we are living in) so the idea of "Justice" in the title is actually a revolutionary one, given how lawless the US District Attorney is.
This is one of those tough-calls.
If I take time to post something like this, it distracts me away from getting the post done; if I don't get something posted, you might think I am dead. Godzilla has been so amazing to write on, however, I just needed to pull back for a moment to make sure I am getting everything and today's announcement that the Christopher Nolan-Zack Synder Man Of Steel sequel is now titled, officially, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (due out May 2016) was that golden nugget I needed to make a post.
So, what do we have?
Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder know exactly what they are doing, so we have to trust them, but little things like this are the "bread crumbs" they drop so we can start to get an idea of what they are going to serve up to us for the main meal. Obviously, The Dark Knight Rises bat emblem (bottom) is waaaaayyyy cooler than the top bat emblem; why? It's not that they don't have as cool of designers for this film, it's that the top image is saying something about the new Batman they are presenting to us. The upper bat emblem is not defined, it lacks definition, it's,... "soft." That's going to reflect on the character of Batman in this film, and the "dirt" might actually mean a Bruce Wayne that is "dirty" in terms of his business and finances. If Batman is going after Superman, we could see the mirror-image in GOP leaders going after the Tea Party, or Whistle Blowers revealing the illegal activities of the Obama Administration, as examples.
This may sound like a moronic-status observation, however, we have two major super-heroes, and like Batman and Superman are MAJOR heroes, going against each other. I actually didn't think it would be the big B against the big S, that it was just a kind of fantasy comic-book-geeks fabricated and it got some speed behind it.
Here is the "S" from Man Of Steel, and steel it looks to be. "Red" either means that we love someone to the point of willingly shedding our red blood for them, or it means that we are angered/hate someone to the point of shedding their red blood to appease us. Because Superman has so much power to carry out his wrath, he has to have an even greater depth and breadth of love to keep from acting out on his anger. Why discuss this? The red is nearly all faded from the new poster above. The gold is still there, and that suggests that Superman's very "metal" will be tested, and, we might say, "rebuilt" because of the tasks he will have to complete in this newest adventure, which, I might add, will be followed up by The Justice League. 
Now, for the record, and I perfectly well recognize that I may have to eat every single one of these words, and that's okay, but this is just my speculation, B v S is doing what both Captain America: the Winter Soldier did and The Amazing Spider Man 2 did: casting well-known liberals as the villains so, when audience members see Robert Redford and Jamie Foxx, they consciously or unconsciously associate the villain with Obama and Left-wing liberalism. Likewise, Ben Affleck has made himself a member of the same group, and I think it's reasonable to assume that Nolan-Synder had the same consideration in mind when casting Mr. Affleck as Batman, especially since it is a fact that Josh Brolin--an even more public liberal than Mr. Affleck--had been offered the role before Affleck was and Brolin turned it down (for more on this, please see the caption below),...
It's my theory that, had Christian Bale accepted the $60 million dollar offer to play Batman one more time, Nolan and Snyder would have carried over the Batman image from The Dark Knight Rises; since they couldn't get Bale back, they decided to go with a totally different Batman, one we have not seen before, and they got a liberal to play him. What about this costumer? First, the ears on the helmet aren't very tall, nor defined (he doesn't listen or hears only what he wants to). He has no neck. That is one squattie shoulder-neck relationship; why? The neck reveals what leads us, like a leash, so not having a neck indicates that he isn't led by anything (this is a monochrome image, so it's possible there is color we aren't seeing). The "body" of the costume is,... how should I put it? "Thick," like it's separating him from the rest of the world, like a body armor that isn't protecting him against bullets, as much as protecting him against reality, and this is echoed in the "veins" we see bulging out; I know when guys are really ripped, we are supposed to be able to see their veins, but this reminds me more of a corpse that is being dissected, or a drug addict who has tapped all their veins too many times; in short, this isn't what I would call by the subtle clues a "healthy Batman."
This issue of casting "liberals" in important roles leads us to our next issue and our first trailer: Interstellar. The sci-fy fantasy space exploration film, due out in November, is the latest from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice producer Nolan which he co-wrote and directed. Why is this an important film? There is a stunning array of big-name liberals: Matt Damon, Michael Caine, Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck (yes, the little brother of Big Ben) and even Ellen Burstyn is in it (although I don't know anything about her political affiliations). Now, why am I interested in this film? Because of the other space films we have seen recently.
Maleficent opens next weekend, which means, I have got to get on the ball and get the Sleeping Beauty post up. Ugh. There have been numerous clips released, but I still just can't make up my mind which way the film is going to go, so I am not going to make a decision prior to seeing the film. I know what I am looking for, and one of those items is hidden in this very image: the horns. Connecting the horns to the rest of the headpiece, it looks like electrical tape is holding it on. Why is this important? It's not a natural material. Maleficent is the Queen of the Moors, the Queen of Nature from what we have seen so far thusly; the more "unnatural" elements we see in her character, the more of the unnatural she will represent and, ultimately--OR NOT--align her with the Left.
Ender's Game, Star Trek Into Darkness, Thor the Dark World, the up-coming Guardians Of the Galaxy and Oscar winner Gravity. It is my position, that all the films (including Galaxy that hasn't been released) are pro-capitalist with the exception of Gravity, that I see as being very much anti-capitalist/pro-socialist. Here is the first trailer for Interstellar, just to refresh your memory:
And the one just released:
What do we have?
"We didn't run out of planes and television sets, we ran out of food." I think, Interstellar is a response to Gravity and even Noah, wanting the "end of mankind," and all the "progressives" in Hollywood who want to go back to the stone age: if you are right, I think Nolan is saying, that there is global warming and the earth is dying, then we should be increasing space exploration and using all our genius to try and come up with a better future for ourselves. In other words, Nolan might be catching the liberals in a deconstructive moment, i.e., showing they are hypocrites and they don't believe any of their own propaganda. The first "trailer" for the Kenneth Branaugh directed Cinderella (Cate Blanchett plays the evil step-mother) has arrived: don't cheat, but watch it and tell me why this trailer is the way it is; I have my comments down at the very bottom, you can do this!
Now, here is the newest Transformers: Age Of Extinction trailer, and this looks awesome! It appears that I was wrong about something: I thought with the appearance of the dino-bots (the dinosaurs that turn into transformers, or however that works) that it was a sign of "going back to the Stone Age" like what was warned about in Godzilla, and it appears that I was quite wrong about that,....
Now, X-Men Days Of Future Past, perhaps THE biggest film of 2014 (it has to make more than $95 million to beat Captain America: the Winter Solider {Godzilla is in second with $93.5}) opens Thursday night. Because it wasn't filmed in IMAX, I don't get to go to an early 3D screening of the film. I could go Friday, but then that would give me one less day to work on the post, and Friday is officially the first day of school being out for the summer, so I figured it was going to be pretty packed Friday, so I have all ready bought my ticket for the 10 pm showing Thursday night (it's almost 2.5 hours long). Of course I will be tweeting my initial response to how utterly cool the film will be, in the meantime, here is a "power piece" on Professor X:
And this one highlighting Quicksilver.
By the way, the clip that was dropped in the mid-credits for The Amazing Spider Man 2, had a vital piece of information: Mystique broke up with Magneto. We have no idea what he did or what she is doing--and of course, this completely explains why Mystique was at the Grassy Knoll at the Kennedy Assassination (as Oswald) and why Magneto would have been trying to stop her from doing it, which is why he has to be saved from jail in the film (just to refresh your memory, because I am confident this will play a role in the film, here is that Bent Bullet theory video):
And here is a "power piece" on Quicksilver, who will be returning for the next X-Men film Apocalypse:
Maybe it's just me,...
In this shot of Quicksilver and Magneto, Quicksilver reminds me of Silva (Javier Bardem) when he dressed as a cop to kill M (Judi Dench) in Skyfall; I don't know, there's just something about this.
Okay, I have got to get this post up, so this is just a bit of what we could interpret from the Cinderella trailer. First, Cinderella is as well know for her glass slipper and Snow White is known for her poisoned apple, or Sleeping Beauty upon her bed (or the spindle of the spinning wheel) so what they have done is taken the well-known object and imposed upon it certain characteristics that are part of Cinderella, but that can best be displayed in the image of the shoe (like Batman's costume, for example). We know that the shoe, since it goes on the feet, symbolizes the will--because the will takes us where we want to go in life, as the feet take us where we want to go in the world--so Cinderella is known for her will: believing that something good will happen, even though it appears it won't, and being kind and good--in spite of everything, etc. In the original animated version, the slipper was straight glass; in this trailer, it almost looks as if it could be crystal, it possesses so many facets, and we can say the same for Cinderella: even though she seems to be a simple maid, she, too, possesses many facets. The colors that start out in the trailer are purple, which symbolizes either royalty (because purple cloth was so expensive to make, only royalty could afford it) or suffering (because Jesus was the king of kings but He suffered for us, and all royalty should suffer for their people, rather than the people suffering for the royalty). The purple probably alludes to the wealth she enjoyed as a young girl, then the suffering into which she passed at the death of her parent(s). There are other colors briefly flitting in and out, like life's experiences, but then it goes to blue, because blue is both the color of depression and wisdom, because the price of wisdom is to travel the road of sadness. We could go on, but see if you can deduce more from it now that you have a hint!
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