Friday, May 30, 2014

Maleficent: Socialist & Horrible Quality

The only thing we see Angelina Jolie do is walk around; the only thing Elle Fanning does is smile and look dumb; the only thing King Stephan does is talk in that awful voice of his and the only thing the narrator does, the older Aurora, is belittle the audience and lie to us.
In addition to announcing its pro-socialist agenda within the first ten seconds of the film (so that you want to leave by the end of the first five) you have to suffer through childish utopian construct of how the world is, one cliche after another, because it's entirely constructed upon emotions and trying to force the audience to identify with Maleficent (i.e., "evil"). Not only that, it has heavy lesbianism overtones between Maleficent and Aurora, with Prince Philip being nothing more than a prop. The theater was practically empty, so I had a great seat, but the IMAX 3D was not worth it at all: instead of special effects, it was mostly just blurring and Elle Fanning not looking very attractive (too much smiling). The guy playing King Stephen has the worst voice in the world, which was intentional, but this movie is, top to bottom, awful. Miss Jolie is a very talented actress, but she can only do so much, besides ramming all these liberal agendas down our throats.