Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla Is Absolutely Amazing!

Here's a hint: the audience is in the school bus, we are the kids on the bridge about to be threatened, but also because we don't really know what's going on, so we are being "schooled" because this vehicle at this point in the film is a "school bus." In the lower middle of the window, the glass is cracked, which was caused by a bird, which verifies the "reflection" that is supposed to be taking place (the glass, just as it "reflects" Godzilla, so we are supposed to be "reflecting" on Godzilla as well, but also our role as "children" on a bus) but the crack suggests that we are not able to properly reflect, so we can deduce that the glass acts as another form of "erasure" in the film. Brilliant!
At the theater where I saw it, they even had Godzilla (in a costume, of course) handing out autographed pictures of himself! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Even better than I hoped it would be! Look, I don't do this often, but I would hate to ruin the climax of the film for you, so please, go and see it so I don't have a problem with spoilers, because when it happened, everyone in the theater started cheering, ha ha!
There is no end-credits scene, however, the opening credits are extremely important: they employ erasure. We have seen erasure twice recently, in both The Cold Light Of Day (which, you may recall, mentions "Godzilla" by name when Bruce Willis' character is called that by his son, portrayed by Henry Cavill; please see Without Baggage: Erasure & Identity In the Cold Light Of Day) and Zero Dark Thirty, the Osama Bin Laden film (please see Reflections, Masks, Noise, Erasure: Zero Dark Thirty for more). We will discuss this thoroughly, however, my advice to you is this: when the opening sequence of the film begins, don't pay any attention to the film footage in the background; if you can go with someone, one of you take the left side of the screen and the other focus on the right side of the screen. They have "messages" up that they then almost immediately erase under "white out" or that typing tape that most of you probably don't remember, but that's the film's sign to us, the audience, that they have "embedded" messages throughout the film and then covered them up; like Joe (Bryan Cranston) we must look past the "cover up" that has been put before us in the form of the film and look for something deeper. I am POSITIVE I saw "The Illuminati" come up on one of those lines, hmmmm,.....
I will get up the post on the original Godzilla first, I just have one more thing to write on it, then will turn to the new one!
Have Fun!
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