Sunday, May 11, 2014

First Episode of Penny Dreadful

I am so sorry.
My Grandma, as many of you know, has congestive heart failure; her heart rate is down to 49 beats a minute and she has been feeling horrible this past week. Due to her rather disagreeable nature, I am the only one who will help her, which means I have been worn out myself. I am sorry. I wish you all a happy Mother's Day, and while I haven't even had a chance to watch the first episode of SALEM, Penny Dreadful (Eva Green, Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, produced by Sam Mendes) airs its first episode tonight, and you can watch the first episode free, right now, at this link (the first episode on the left)! PLEASE BE AWARE: this is a dark series, like SALEM, and it's dealing with serious issues which may make some viewers very uncomfortable and lead to nightmares, so this is not one for the kids (this is just a trailer):
Well, let's do the opening scene.
A single mother creeps out of bed, leaving her daughter, and goes down the hall, past some hanging blankets, to a room; she closes the door and gets up on a stool, so she's going to the bathroom. What you notice is that it is cold, then that her toilet is up right against a window; then you notice that she must need to defecate because it's taking so long. Some mysterious thing then grabs her from behind the window, wakes up the little girl, who searches for her mother and, going into the room, screams.
This is a fabulous set-up.
We don't know who the woman is, but it's actually possible that either the woman symbolizes Victorian England, and we, the audience, are her daughter, and as she releases her bowels, we are the ones who are going to scream in fright at what the mother did. On the other hand, an equally feasible possibility, is that she is a single mother who is now paying for the sin which beget her daughter. The daughter might be a psychoanalytic double for the mother, or the mother for the daughter, you can decide upon a number of readings here. What's important is that they were in bed, sleeping. The bed, even in love-making, symbolizes the coffin, and where we are going to go in death. The woman waking and lighting a candle might symbolize that, indeed, she has "awaken" from the state of sin in which she has dwelt for so long, the candle being a sign of "illumination," which would explain her going to the bathroom, that is an act of "cleansing" one's self. The window, always a symbol of reflection/meditation/the soul verifies that she has realized she needs to cleanse herself (the cold suggests hell because Satan is frozen, but this isn't necessarily so). So, possibly, on one level, the woman is in a repentant state, she goes to cleanse herself, but it's not enough (the window being behind her suggests that she is unaware of everything she has done, or the gravity of what she has done, we will have to see if she returns, which she will).
Eat Your Art Out,
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