Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Hobbit: There And Back Again Name Change & Salem

Peter Jackson, writer and director, with Ian McKellan, who plays Gandalf. If you have seen The Desolation Of Smaug, did you catch Jackson's "cameo" at the very start in Bree? He's the man stepping out of the house into the rain, biting down on a carrot, then he walks off into the dark and mud. Why? We have discussed this lately, and of all the things Jackson could do, of all the places he could be, physically and at different points in the film, why choose this moment? I would like to suggest, as I am doing in the upcoming post on the film, that it's because Jackson wants us to "chew on" what we are going to be seeing (the biting on the carrot, which carrots are high in vitamins that improve/protect our eyesight, so the carrot is supposedly symbolizes that we are both "digesting" and taking in what we are seeing, and Jackson wants us to have good vision in what we see in the film). But Jackson is also "coming out," rather than going into some place, so we might deduce that--throughout the film in general--Jackson is coming out and he wants us to note ways, particularly in Smaug, that he's doing it.
I am so sorry.
I saw Oculus this weekend, and truly believed I could get the post up by Sunday night. I am sorry. It's a pro-socialist film, however, there are interesting ways in which it makes its case, something worth our discussion time. It has just been noted that Peter Jackson has filed for a new title for his third installment of The Hobbit, which was going to be titled, There and Back Again, to indicate Bilbo Baggins' return to the Shire. The new title has been taken from one of the chapters from JRR Tolkien's book: Into the Fire, which might indicate the expansive role Smaug the fire breathing dragon will play in the film. Still no word on when the first trailer will be released, but I am working to get them done: what happens is, I just keep going and going and going, and I don't know when to stop.
This final trailer for X-Men Days Of Future Past is just,.... awesome. It is going to be amazing!
There's a lot to discuss with all this new footage, but for the moment, let us just point out two things. First, at about 0:20, Wolverine says, at first the Sentinels just targeted mutants, then they started targeting everyone. This is basically the same set-up for safety we see being critiqued in Captain America: the Winter Soldier, when SHIELD has developed the machines that will take-out 20 million Americans who will oppose HYDRA. Secondly, at 1:40, we see Magneto "bringing down the house," the stadium; why is this important? This is basically what we see Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss do in The Hunger Games, and we saw Bane do it in a football stadium in The Dark Knight Rises. Except, at 2:20, we see that Magneto isn't destroying the arena, like Katniss and Bane, rather, Magneto is using the arena to block the police (probably because America has become a police state, now, where did they get the idea for that?).
Premiering tonight, April 16, was the series Salem, which I obviously missed, not having known about it (besides the fact that I don't really watch television). However, I would like for you to watch this trailer, WHICH IS SOMEWHAT GRAPHIC, but please pay particular attention to what is said at 1:01, because this probably defines the entire season:
I would actually really like to watch this; if you caught the season premiere, drop me a line and let me know how it was; if you would like to find out more about the series, more information and videos are at this link here. I am working at getting some real posts up, again, I do apologize! Happy Holy Week to you all!
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