Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Conjuring Sequels Put On Hold

The film was originally slated for a January/February release, but when shown to test audiences, they had such a favorable reaction to the film, it was moved to the more profitable summer opening of July. The $20 million budget film has grossed $320 million internationally so the studios are anxious to follow this story for as long as possible. This I am confused about: I believe the old horror film, The Amityville Horror, was also based on Ed and Lorrain Warren's investigations, however, they are not mentioned in the film (to my understanding). The Weinstein Company is re-making The Amityville Horror, with a January 2015 release date, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Belle Thorne, that does not seem to cite the Warrens either. It's significant because Lorraine Warren has stated that this was her most terrifying case.
Last summer's big surprise horror hit, The Conjuring, has been slapped with lawsuits for future sequels. It doesn't appear that the lawsuits are actually coming from the estate of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, but that Evergreen Media Group has filed the "improper" lawsuits against Warner Brothers and New Line on their own behalf, while citing wrong-doing against the estate of the Warrens. Confusing? Why, yes, it is. The basis of the lawsuit seems to be that New Line was granted less than 1% of the rights of the total files with their purchase price, but took far more material than what it paid for and failed to follow-through on paying out promised profits.
The "three stages of possession" also reflect the "three stages of Marxist revolution." In our discussion on The Conjuring, we examined out the film wasn't talking about "demonic possessions," like in The Exorcist, rather, about how Christians having material possessions make them like the devil. For more on this discussion, please see The Devil's Hour: The Conjuring & Demonic Possessions.
The un-titled sequel, also based on the personal files of the Warrens (remember, Lorraine is still alive) is set for release October 23, 2015; this lawsuit and other legal woes, are holding back the production which expects Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga to return (no director attached yet). New Line has started a spin-off called Annabelle, after the name of the doll appearing in the film, but even that has been put on hold while the lawsuits get straightened out.
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