Saturday, April 19, 2014


I was happily wrong.
SALEM doesn't premiere until tomorrow night, 10/9c time. I have been heavily thinking about this show and think this is quite a revolution in the works. It appears to be tackling a number of issues that are predominantly supported by the left, including the "war on women" which, in my humble estimation, is really a war on white men (as you can see in the caption above, SALEM appears to be brining this out as well). Because of Easter and my birthday being next weekend (it was easier for everyone to celebrate it this weekend, so I haven't gotten anything done, but there are good reasons for it, so sorry, as usual) I am still really behind. I feel compelled, however, to follow this series and really analyze this. Maybe this would be a good one for us to do together, since we can all get in on it at the same time? The iTunes store has the apps you can download for free, so I am hoping they will also post the shows as they air so, if you can't get them via TV, you have the option of downloading them.
The "witch hunt" significance obviously refers to the "great witch hunt" in American history, known as McCarthyism, after Senator Joe McCarthy who was determined to flush out communists from America; it's not that anyone ever disputed that there were communists, just that McCarthy should not have gone after them. Here is a featurette talking about Tituba, who appears to be the main witch but not the dominant female in power:
I am really excited about this, I would like for us to go through this and do this each week, if it can be downloaded from iTunes. We'll watch for this one!
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