Monday, April 21, 2014

SALEM & Godzilla

This guy is in the stocks for fornicating, and he's being branded on his head for his sin; harsh? Well, what I am hoping is that SALEM will anticipate the Left's views of sexuality--I have reason to believe it does this--and the branding taking place, as if he was a cow or other animal, fits because in having sexual relations outside of marriage, he has acted like an animal, an animal that is void of the Life of God, which is why blood comes from his mouth, so illustrate that he is losing life interiorly. This is quite a bold statement, given that more than half of the US population is co-habituating rather than living in a state of matrimony. The hands and head being separated from the rest of the body illustrates for us what we ourselves do when we commit sin: we have cut off our governing function (the head) and our ability to build and perform righteous deeds (the hands) from the rest of our being, so we become dis-located in both reality and eternity (hence, why Jesus said it was better to cut off your hand and enter Heaven with only one hand than to go to hell with both hands). A punishment like this is seen by the Left as unacceptable and ridiculous, but on the other hand, we will see what happens if we don't discipline ourselves: we become the instrument of the devil.
It ends up, the new TV series SALEM from WGN America is only available on DISH, and a handful of local TV stations, which isn't good for this global audience. IF, however, you go to the main page of the iTunes store, and scroll down to where they have TV shows listed, then go to the right just a bit, you will see the main poster for SALEM (pictured beneath) and you can watch the pilot episode for FREE! Hooray! To get a "season pass" is $31.99 US dollars but at this point, they are still not certain if they are going to go ahead with the whole series or not, which appears to add up to about 3 episodes (you can download the episode now, which might take 45 mins-2 hours depending on your connection, and watch it later).
This is the official image of the show. Green, as we know, either means hope--as in the re-birth of nature at spring, when all the world is re-born with new life--or that something is rotten and has gone bad. The "fog" hanging over the town in the background suggests that there is a fog in the minds and hearts of the people which has enabled the witches to take control. The dominant figure in the foreground--the female body/tree trunk, is probably a reference to Judas: Jesus was hung upon the Tree of Life, but Judas hung himself on a tree of death (hence, the hangman's noose dangling down). The "wings" of the barren trees reveal that this is a state of death, not the fresh-budding life of spring which trees are supposed to signify, especially in a Christian context like the Puritan village of Salem.
In other news, some information has been released on Godzilla, making it even more interesting than before: there is more than one monster in the film. It's Godzilla vs. the Muto: "Muto" is a human engineered mutation, as opposed to Godzilla which was a "natural mutation" from the radiation of World War II. This is not only better than I anticipated, but even more anti-socialist than I anticipated, which you will have to wait for me to get the Godzilla post up, which brings us to The Hobbit post,...
This poster summarizes why I am so interested in this series: the witches want their own country, so they are going to take over Salem. John Alden (on the left) is the descendant of the founder of Salem, so as a symbol, we can say that he's a continuation of the "founding father" (usually not, however, the script has intentionally constructed him as thus, because our own founding fathers are under attack). John was in love with Mary--the main witch--and they made a vow to each other before John left to fight in the French and Indian War (probably a nice metaphor for the War on Terror); they slept with each other before he left and Mary got pregnant. It's in the process of getting an abortion that Mary turns to being a witch. Coincidence? It just so happens that sex outside of marriage and abortion are two of the positions of the Left (sex doesn't have to be confined to marriage). I am very excited about this.
I was nearly done with the post, however, it's been so long since I worked on it, the material from the two films is causing me to do a lot of reviewing, which has slowed my progress. The Hobbit is the post I am working on now--I won't watch SALEM until I get it done--but it could be tomorrow before that happens, ugh.
The Amazing Spider Man 2 has all ready opened over seas and is box office gold. If you haven't seen The Amazing Spider Man, you will want to, and you will want to plan on seeing #2 in IMAX 3D (it was one of the trailers for Captain America the Winter Soldier so I saw the trailer in IMAX 3D and it will be awesome, one of those films that naturally takes advantage of the virtues of the "immersive film experience"). So, I am working on The Hobbit as you read this and will get it up asap!
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