Tuesday, March 4, 2014

TRAILERS: Transformers Age Of Extinction, 300 Rise Of An Empire, Captain America Winter Soldier & Oscars' Cadillac Commercial

This looks awesome!
This deserves a lot of discussion, but I am finishing up the post on 300 (I have all ready bought my IMAX, 3D ticket for Thursday night, 8 central time, to see 300: Rise Of An Empire!), but I do want to make this point because this is incredibly well-placed: at 0:44-0:53, Mark Wahlberg's character looks like Dr. Frankenstein bringing his monster to life with electricity. Why would this be important? We just saw I, Frankenstein, and Frankenstein with Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy will be coming out next year (they are filming right now). Why would a man struggling to make money for his family and put his kids through college, be "frankenstein-ing" Optimus Prime? Not only Optimus Prime, but the end of the Age Of Transformers, about which that Stanley Tucci's character says, "We don't need you anymore"; does this sound like a metaphor for the Constitution and Founding Fathers coming about to you?
"Evil will burn."
Let's briefly discuss the "dino-bots," has they are called (the T-Rex and pterodactyl). Why? Isn't that just too much of a stretch, I mean, pre-historic dinosaurs as highly-advanced robotic transformers? Actually, if you saw my cell phone, the first thought you would probably have is what kind of dinosaur is that? Given how fast technology becomes outdated today, even what was once highly technical is now worthless,... but I don't think that's what it's referring to. Do you remember the Godzilla trailer we discussed recently, when Bryan Cranston's character mentions that Godzilla is going to throw us "back to the Stone Age?" That's what I predict the dino-bots are meant to invoke, a world without technology, a world where we don't have any rights (government officials can trespass on our land and do with us as they please) and there is no structure in society, no society at all. But now, we have to move on.
I generally don't post behind-the-scenes featurettes, however, this one below for 300: Rise Of An Empire contains plenty of new footage we haven't seen:
Here is an extended spot for Captain America: the Winter Soldier just released that looks really really really cool (we just don't have time to talk about it now, but please note how Nick Fury says "Get me off the grid!"; that's language pertaining to a very specific group of Americans):
I did not watch the Oscars, but my mom and sister did; when this commercial came on, they immediately texted me and were thrilled at everything contained in it, like, Cadillac validated everything I have said heretofore; let's see what you think:
Well, I agree with them. These are likely to be issues we see in Christopher Nolan's film coming out in November, Interstellar, so I might be referencing this commercial again.
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