Monday, March 17, 2014

Maleficent's Wings

Trust me: you want to click on this and expand this image. Visually, this reminds me of the gargoyles in I, Frankenstein.
Well, they are releasing material for Maleficent so fast, I can't even keep up with it. There has been speculation of whether or not Maleficent is going to turn into the famed dragon, and we have to say, newest images fuel the speculation, including this teaser, and I do mean teaser, because at the very end, it promises "In 1 Day See Full Trailer":
"Stolen" is a very deliberate word, it goes against the law, not only of man but of nature as well. As we said in the last post, "maleficent" means "evil," and the "Legacy" trailer reveals Maleficent telling Aurora "There is an evil is this world," now we should probably suspect that "evil" and whoever or whatever stole her wings are identical (or nearly so). But there is also the most surprising element of Aurora referring to Maleficent as a "fairy,".... I wouldn't use those exact words, but that just makes it all the more tempting. "A good fairy gone bad" will certainly have to be a plot twist to validate her desire for revenge.
Her right hand, the ring is a small animal's skull (a bird?); again, the defender of nature is shaping up to be very unnatural. Now, perhaps the greatest change from the original, as I have noted, but is becoming even more evident, is the relationship Aurora and Maleficent have; in the animated version, they never meet but at Aurora's christening, which doesn't count because she was a baby.
So, I guess I will be posting on Maleficent again, tomorrow. FYI, rumor has it the second X-Men Days Of Future Past trailer is being released Monday (March 24); it has also circulated that film makers of Noah, opening worldwide March 28, were scheduled for a photo-op with Pope Francis,... that didn't happen. The Vatican canceled, possibly--and this is just speculation--that the Pope realized his presence was being used to "sanction" a film that is not biblical, rather, political, and he didn't want to be used like that,... that's just speculation. 
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner
We can assume that's Maleficent on the horse because who else wears horns? Numerous silhouette shots of Maleficent are appearing in the trailer, perhaps aiding in depicting the "Mistress of all Evil" to be completely blacked out, her soul not to have an ounce of potential redemption left in it by film's end.