Thursday, March 13, 2014

Indoctrination In Grade Schools

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There is a controversy regarding if Frozen is pro-gay and pro-bestiality; I am preparing a post on it now because I disagree with the reasons given in the article, but the film is actually more subversive than what they think. This worksheet was passed out to 6th graders at Milam Elementary school in Tupelo, Mississippi. They were told not to speak about it outside of class and not to take it home with them but one little girl showed her parents because she knew they would be upset about it, so the parents have posted it in an effort to help other parents curtail the encroaching influence of liberal teachers.
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The definition above was in a college textbook and used in the classroom at the University of South Carolina who did not return multiple requests for comments. Again, I am getting up the post on Frozen asap. I can't believe this stuff, I just can't believe it.