Friday, February 7, 2014

OPENING: Monuments Men & The Lego Movie

There is EVERY reason why I should like this film: I am an art historian, I love history, I hate the Nazis, this is a huge, all-star cast, countless works have begun to re-surface recently, making this a very timely film; so why am I dreading this film like the plague? If I am wrong, I want to publicly eat my words and confess that I was wrong; it's a great exercise in humility, one of which all of us are in need, some more than others, myself included. What I foresee happening with this film, is this cast of all liberals and Obama supporters, are going to be fighting Hitler, the Nazi, and in their fight (because this is what liberals actually say to me) they will prove to everyone--like myself--that socialists are not Nazis (even though the very word Nazi stands for National Socialist German Workers' Party, which is what Democrats/liberals think of themselves, and it was through socialist programs that Hitler began World War II). This is what I am expecting, I hope I am wrong.
The opening lines about "winning this war," I WANT TO SUGGEST, before I have seen the film, refers to the cultural war now being waged in the US (the kind of war we saw in World War Z, for example). The "architect from Chicago," is probably a reference to the "architect of the destruction of America," Barack Hussein Obama. When Cate Blanchett's character asks, "How can I help you steal our stolen art?" smoke comes out as she says it, because the "stolen art" is really just a smoke screen for the real agenda they want to discuss in the film. At 1:19, for a brief second, we see the name Pablo Picasso on a plaque, and I am betting a lot on this moment. It appears, correctly, that the picture has been burned; why correctly? Nazis deemed Picasso's art "degenerative," and unworthy to be preserved (along with many other artists) and such degenerative art work was destroyed. Let's see what the film does with this, I think, like Matt Damon's Elysium, it's going to be the liberals talking about how great they are, but really just sticking their foot in it.
12 Years A Slave.
On the other hand, The Lego Movie also opens this weekend, so I am also going to see that. I will be posting my initial reactions to the films via Twitter, then posting here. I will be watching The Monuments Men first, because I don't want to see it, but sitting through it will be rewarded with The Lego Movie (I'm putting a lot on that little film, aren't I?) and then I will probably, for the fourth time, watch The Desolation of Smaug before it leaves the theater permanently. I am very lucky to have such a great theater here: they bring back Oscar nominated films, even if they didn't do well financially, and they have done that with a number of films, including 12 Years A Slave. If, in that long list of liberal films nominated for Best Picture, there are some you haven't seen and would like to, check your area theaters because someone is probably showing them.
Eat Your Art Out,
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