Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Godzilla & the Stone Age

I am nearly done with my post on Thor the Dark World, which comes out today. If you have been to the theater at all the last month or so, there is a good chance you have caught the newest remake of Godzilla. We've discussed the film briefly, specifically, how the original Godzilla symbolizes for the Japanese the horror of what the US had done in destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb (most people in film admit this) and the Godzilla monster, then, was a catharsis for what they had undergone; a chance takes place, however, (which most film critics would not admit to) and that is, a point comes for the Japanese people when other monsters they are facing are worse than Godzilla and they have to call upon Godzilla to help them, in other words, the monsters of socialism and communism, to which their Asian neighbors were falling (Vietnam, North Korea, and of course, China and the Soviet Union) were being warded off from Japan by the very monster who brought ruin to Japan to begin with: the United States. SO, seeing that Godzilla has been remade, and is attacking America, we have to ask: Who does Godzilla symbolize today?
My initial reaction is, Obama. Who else is going all around the country, terrorizing people by taking their rights away with his executive orders, destroying health insurance and destroying America? I had second thoughts about this thesis, however, when I really thought about seeing Godzilla in San Francisco (which I am going to assume Godzilla starts out at, on his "tour" of America); why? Well, San Francisco is well-known as the gay capital of the world, and it makes more political sense to see conservatives and Christians--who would want to block "gay marriage"--as being the "monster" tearing up San Fran (my great-grand uncle is a Methodist minister who volunteers for Planned Parenthood, and claims that the greatest obstacle in America right now are Republicans, the Tea Party and dumb Christians, yea, that's my uncle who claims to be a minister). Again, there are a lot of liberal films coming out, so we could see Godzilla as representing someone like myself who does want to destroy liberalism as a monster. On the other hand, this tongue-in-cheek trailer (it is official) was released today:
The year 1998 was mentioned; there were significant earthquakes and tsunamises that year, but something else significant happened, and it was only the second time in US history that it occurred: then-President Bill Clinton was indicted on 4 counts of impeachment. Why should we care about that? One of the last things director Cranston says is, "back to the Stone Age." I have been screaming, like a lunatic, that the Progressives in this country are really "digressives" and those are the ones who want to send us back to the Stone Age (Moonrise Kingdom, Savages, The Lone Ranger, Jack the Giant Slayer, Gravity, Pompeii and probably Noah will, all qualify as films supporting the destruction of technology in favor of the environment and a "better" society, but where there is technology, there is a market for that technology, so, do away with technology, and you do away with a major driving force of the market, not to mention, people who do not have technology are far easier to control than people who do have tech available to them).
In this poster, we can see how the destruction the monster has caused IS the monster's very identity: given that Obama hasn't "built" anything or done anything of positive value in America, is this a portrait of him, known only for what he has destroyed in the country, like health insurance and the economy? It's still too early to say, this film could praise him and destroy someone like myself, so we will have to pay attention to the details.
So, going back to 1998, the point would be that Clinton's impeachment wasn't an isolated event, and his "relations" with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, were not "natural," but also his lying was not natural, rather, it's all part of a plan liberals have had to destroy America. Actually, as you can probably guess, I would buy that. One certainly can't negotiate away the closeness between the Obamas and Clintons, and that Bill Clinton is thought of as a "rock star" by Democrats, who are so impoverished in terms of leadership, that only someone who has been impeached is eligible to "lead them."  Here is the same clip but only with Cranston talking and it's much clearer:
There is a ton more to discuss on this, and we will, but I did want to get a post up and let you know I am nearly done with Thor, so we will revisit Godzilla very soon! Eat Your Art Out, The Fine Art Diner