Friday, February 28, 2014

Bond 24 To Begin Production In October

Just between me and you, IMHO, Skyfall was the film of the year. I would have given it a grand sweep at the Oscars. It was the film of the year. It's not just that it's the best Bond film ever--in terms of utilizing the greatest number of resources at its deposal, and undermining its target with the greatest ammunition--but also that it all came together so well and so effortlessly. So, news has finally surfaced about the next film, and I am most grateful for it,...
Filming is scheduled to begin on the twenty-fourth Bond film--title has not yet been disclosed--in October, with a US release date of November 6, 2015. In fact, that's really the only thing that has been disclosed: we don't even know who the villain will be. It is obvious that both Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes will be returning in their respective roles, and it's assumed that Ben Whishaw will return as the quartermaster "Q" and Naomie Harris will continue playing Eve Moneypenny. Skyfall's director Sam Mendes (who has vowed he wouldn't do another Bond film) is returning--Christopher Nolan had been offered the job but turned it down for upcoming work at Warner Brothers--so Mendes was offered an obscene amount of money (good, he deserves it) and stayed as director; likewise, John Logan is the screenwriter once again (good, he's fabulous!).
So far so good.
Now, the speculation begins,...
I don't know as much as I should about the Bond Canon--but I do know there is an "official" Canon and an "unofficial" canon--and inhabiting part of the blurred regions was a villain by the name of Ernst Stavro Blofeld who was the leader of the evil organization SPECTRE; the villain appeared in books, but due to various copyright laws--someone else actually created Blofeld, from what I understand--he hasn't met Bond on the big screen. Settlements and agreements have been reached with the proper parties, it has been reported, so the road is paved for SPECTRE to be incorporated into the silver screen Bond legacy. That doesn't mean that's what is going to happen, but it could; something else might be brewing with Bond 24, but as soon as some casting news has been released, we will have a better idea.
I did see Son Of God this evening, and it was quite moving. I am getting that post up right now (I needed to check out one more thing on Thor the Dark World before getting that post up; sorry!). If you have been thinking of going to see Son Of God this weekend, by all means go, especially if you are going to boycott Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars because that is certainly what I am doing.
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