Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Trailers

Our last posting revealed a few of the trailers that will be shown during intervals of this Sunday's Super Bowl, including this new one from The Amazing Spider Man 2:
IF I MAY, I think the reason why Jamie Foxx has been cast as the villain is because, to so many conservatives, HE IS A VILLAIN. We might be seeing this same technique employed in Captain America: the Winter Soldier with Robert Redford's character (there is like 6 villains in the film!) (oh, and we will be seeing the second Captain America trailer during the Super Bowl; I will post it if it goes on line early!) (oh, and they have started work on Thor 3).
While we have all ready discussed the full movie of Noah in-depth at this link here, there is a brief spot for it being released during the Super Bowl; why? It is the most watched event, and I suspect film makers are all ready aware of wide-spread boycotting by the conservative Christians who were the "target audience" for the film and they hope to pull from a wider pool given that many Christians aren't likely to go see it when the "untold story" of Noah is revealed as the "Environmentalist propaganda" instead of the Biblical tale, especially when Noah decides to kill all his family to save the animals and earth:
Now, what I REALLY want to talk about is The Muppets Most Wanted (which is also releasing a new trailer during the Super Bowl). If we have discussed it, it's not sufficient, and if we have discussed it, I didn't have this trailer as proof of what I was talking about, that I don't think I have talked about yet. So now we are going to talk about it. Please, if you will, just watch this, it is very much worth it:
This is really funny.
This is really, really funny.
Why take the time to spend all this money, to make a trailer about an imaginary Twitter duel? And to mock "tweet slang?" Again, a lot of money has been spent to generate this ad, so we have to ask, what end does it achieve? They want us, the audience to know, that THEY KNOW what is going on in the world; they know the world has changed since we were little kids, growing up watching the Muppets and John Denver on TV and they want us to know this, so much so, they are willing to employ absurdity to drive home the point and make us remember. Now, having demonstrated their awareness of what takes place in the ridiculous arenas of the Internet, let's look at their first, full-length trailer released:
The reference to James Bond is intentional, because what does James Bond do (there was also that reference to James Bond in A Good Day to Die Hard with Bruce Willis)? So, putting our knowledge of the film makers' knowledge about what goes on in the real world to the test, we have to ask: Is there someone who is "good" that has been replaced by someone who is a criminal? Well, the answer is a very, very simple yes: the president of the United States. Of all the people they could have gotten, why put Ms. Liberal Tina Fey herself in a KGB uniform (a relic of the Soviet days) when they could have put Sarah Palin in it instead? Because Tina Fey "fits" the uniform, in culture and the mind of the audience. Please watch this trailer, especially at 0:55:
"You guys have all the freedom you want," Constantine tells the Muppets; the question is, when did they not have freedom? Did you notice, that "Badguy" says his name is "French?" Why? The French are socialists. Here is further proof: at 2:00, the "ridiculous" size match Ty Burrell's Interpol (International Police) agent has with the Muppet blue guy about their badges, isn't so much about badges, as authority and presence. Remember, Melanie Laurent's character in Now You See Me, she was an Interpol agent from France (and the bad guy runs off with her to France). The blue Muppet guy is trying to insure that he (as an American) has more and greater authority by the size of his badge than the Interpol agent has, so it's a highly politicized scene.
Luke Evans and Orlando Bloom in the upcoming The Hobbit: There and Back Again slated for release in December 2014.
I will be posting the newest trailers as they become available!
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