Friday, January 17, 2014

Oscar Nominations 2014: Why They Are Important

The complete list of Oscar Nominees can be found here. This is THE WORST list of awards I have ever seen, EVER.
In a word: liberal.
In another word: worst.
These are the MOST LIBERAL and WORST films I have EVER seen on an awards list, and not a single conservative film is listed as a runner for Best Picture. The other word that comes into my mind is: quality, as in, "lack of." Come on! The Great Gatsby and The Lone Ranger being nominated for Oscars? You have got to be kidding me! And American Hustle? When even Obama-supporter Jay Leno admits it's marketing Obamacare, you know it's a political vehicle.  The Book Thief should have been nominated, and Inside Llewyn Davis could have been nominated for several other categories; but my biggest disappointment is in the Animated Feature category,...
Why did Inside Llewyn Davis by Joel and Ethan Coen not pick up a better nominee chart? Because it is blatantly anti-abortion. It demonstrates what kind of man, and what kind of woman get abortions and the kind of person who forgoes getting an abortion. The film is a clear look at struggling artists and why so many artists are pro-socialist: they aren't good enough to make it, and want someone else to support them anyway. The Coens are diligent directors, incorporating layers of dialogue and text into their stories and their latest film is no exception. I would like to add that The Grudge Match, with Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro, was also anti-abortion! That was a surprisingly well-done--and humorous--film although there are sexual situations and tons of profanity.
I cannot believe Monsters University was not nominated, I just can't believe it. As you know, animated features trouble me greatly because families often blindly go to them thinking that, since it's animated, it's a family film that will have my values; it might not have bad language and nudity, but that doesn't mean it isn't encoding liberal values, and Frozen is 100% pro-Obama. The films and film makers that win awards are going to be the standards of success by which Hollywood judges itself, the types of roles the "best" actors are going to seek out for themselves, and the storylines that will be advanced for future films, as well as the directors to make them. It's about the future of not only America's greatest and most important art form, but about our political future as well. Please, please boycott the Oscars, and do NOT go out and watch these films that have been nominated: do not fund the films seeking the downfall of this great country.
Case in point: Harvey Weinstein (right) has announced, in his own words on the Howard Stern show, his next picture with Meryl Streep (left) called the Senator's Wife about the National Rifle Association, is going to "wish they (NRA) weren't alive after I'm done with them." He adds, "It's going to be like crash and burn. I never want to have a gun. I don't think we need guns in this country, and I hate it. I think the NRA is a disaster area." Which is funny, because I thought Chicago and Detroit were the disaster areas. Supposedly, the film will be like Mr Smith Goes to Washington (the Frank Capra classic with Jimmy Stewart) but will focus on Streep and how the NRA has used its influence to derail the latest anti-gun laws. The funny-thing about movies though, Mr. Weinstein, is that people actually have to go see them to be influenced by them; people aren't nearly as dumb as he thinks us to be, and it's likely it won't even have a wide-opening.
I am going to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit tonight: because they were leaving my theater immediately, I went and saw The Book Thief (EXCELLENT!), Grudge Match (surprisingly good and conservative!) and Inside Llewyn Davis (the Coen Brothers, very anti-communist/socialist). I will go and see these films I am so far behind in seeing, but please, do NOT go and financially support them yourself.
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner