Friday, January 24, 2014

I, Frankenstein & News on X-Men Days Of Future Past

I can't wait to see I, Frankenstein again, and see it again in 3D, it was worth it! I can't believe such a "small film" is so philosophically AND theologically complex! I am quite impressed! The main clue to the film is eels. Okay, sure, the source of the energy, but more importantly, the spiritual identity of Frankenstein's creation. This was a great, in-depth film that was as good as it could possibly be! In other news, X-Men: Days Of Future Past has released this seven seconds worth of footage via Instagram; sure, it's not much, but we can still glean at least one important snippet from it:
You see Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), sinking in the water, bound; being "under water" is a financial term when one's debt is larger than the value of owned property/assets. In the film Wolverine, we saw how the artificial constrictions placed on Wolverine's heart were employed as a metaphor for restrictions placed on the American economy, keeping it from being able to rebound (men typically symbolize the active principle of the economy, so the alien leeches placed on his heart were keeping him from being able to "heal himself," just like Obama has induced numerous stimulus plans that all capitalists know are intentionally keeping the economy from being able to heal and rebound). Now, here is what is quite interesting indeed,...
X-Men Tweeted: "The first of its kind, a special reveal by @EmpireMagazine and the #XMen cast is coming up on January 27th! #Empire25." Why is this important? It's a capitalistic venture. "The first of its kind" is expanding the world of advertising and film, the way we saw with the mini-video about Magneto and JFK's assassination, and even the new "animated posters" from Star Trek Into Darkness. This is capitalism at work, finding new and better ways to utilize resources and sell a product. Did you see Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren? That film was remembering how Psycho launched the modern-movie industry with advertising, and the one-man who did it single-handedly and, in essence, X-Men Days Of Future Past is paying homage to Hitchcock with their own publicity campaigns! Again, it's possible to look at this as just trying to make a buck, but at least they are trying instead of taking Obama food stamps.
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P.S.--I LOVED I, Frankenstein!!!!