Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fast & Furious 7: Poster & Latest News

The tagline reads, "This is where roads part." Prior to Paul Walker's death, had we seen something like this, we might have deduced that it was Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) who would be departing, but that the "family" of F & F would still be together for future adventures. Now, after Walker's death, and the use of the different cars to symbolize the characters--Brian O'Connor's love of imports, vs Dom's allegiance to American muscle cars--teases how the "exit" of O'Connor from the film will be achieved (particularly difficult because of O'Connor's relationship with Dom's sister, their new baby, and Dom's relationship with his sister). At this point, neither Michelle Rodriguez nor Jordana Brewster are listed as starring in the seventh installment; that doesn't mean they won't be back at all, but it does make you wonder how "divergent" these parting roads really are. Jason Statham is still slated to star as Ian Shaw, brother of the deceased Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) from F & F 6 (Kurt Russell plays a villain as well).
This is the official poster for the Fast and Furious film that will be released in April 2015. That isn't to say there won't be others, but this is a definite statement by the film makers of their intent with the next film. Brian O'Connor will be "retired," and the studio has specified he won't die, just that his character won't be back. Why is this important? I can easily see people thinking this is getting blown out of proportion, "It's just a movie," they probably say; F & F 6, however, was far more than that, having made definite statements about gun control, politics and even art itself. F & F 7, then, was going to be a super-charged vehicle (forgive the pun) to solidify that statement and even expand upon it (I realize I still haven't gotten the review up for F & F 6, so I do apologize, it was an amazing film). Exactly how the film will achieve this is being kept under a tight, tight lid. This is bound to be an emotional subject that could--if not properly handled--ruin the film before it's even released.
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