Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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Due out in April, the newest poster for Captain America: Winter Soldier shows Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) getting ready to jump out of the bay area of a cargo plane, "looking down" on Washington DC (the Washington Monument is near his right hand). Just try and tell me this one isn't going to be political,... The first teaser trailer comes out this Thursday, so I will post it ASAP and we will be sure to examine what is going on! The main plot line is that Bucky, Steve's friend from World War II, became a Soviet--as in communist--assassin while Steve was frozen at the bottom of the ocean, and now Steve has to fight his best friend in modern day Washington as he turns around and finds a new villain lurking in every corner. This will be Robert Redford's first time in a super-hero film, and it's my personal prophecy that he is a double-agent and actually working for the Soviets, who are no longer Soviets,... please remember, Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow, is also Russian, and she's the primary force helping Steve, so all the various lines of analysis we have been keeping track of regarding Russia's political identity today (is Russia capitalist or still communist?) will bear fruit in this film.
I think we are all kind of burned-out on the capitalism-socialism critiques, so even though I am so far behind, let's just take a break and do something topical--this is October and countless theaters are hosting "oldies but goodies" for Halloween vintage viewing--but also fun and just totally different. Before Evil Dead came out this summer, Yahoo movies posted this article on what not to do if you find yourself in a horror film.  The horror genre is full of devices and codes that horror fans recognize when they see it--like someone running for their life and then tripping over something--but they haven't articulated WHY that belongs in a horror film and why it "fits" in the plot; but we will. 
Why is this image of Michael Myers from Halloween scary? We will do in-depth analysis on Michael's mask--very impressive for a villain--and this image in particular. What is so important about horror films is, they are incredibly rigid and moral worlds: in other words, if a film maker REALLY wants to get a point across about something, chances are, they are going to turn to the horror genre to make that point. However, numerous films will incorporate a horror-film device here and there without the audience really noticing unless we are paying very close attention, so even if you don't like horror films, the decoding we will be doing will have their rewards in other films as well, like Skyfall, Fast and Furious 6 and Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters.

When I was watching The Conjuring at the theater, and Carolyn Perron looked down into the dark cellar, I understood and knew why she had to go down there, but the lady sitting next to me obviously didn't, and she yelled out at the screen, "Don't go down there you idiot!" which made everyone laugh, except me, so she's lucky I didn't turn to her and bust a lecture on her right then and there,.... :( So, don't be the idiot sitting next to me at a horror film. Take a moment to read this funny article linked above and try to figure out for yourself why film makers do the things listed in the article.  
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