Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trucker Convoy & General Rally

Dear Readers,
As some of you may know, there was a rally of 2 million bikers who descended upon Washington D.C. in protrest of how the nation is being run; since that obviously didn't do anything, America's truckers are taking 3 days to stop the country by convening in Washington Oct 11-13; what that means is, the whole country will be shut down, and there won't be ANY deliveries to ANY stores. The truckers aren't trying to do harm to their fellow Americans, but to remind politicans of who really runs the country, however, you do need to take precautions and stock up on a week's supply of food and provisions because--when they return to work--they will not only have their regular schedules to pick up, but have to make up for the three days they weren't delivering, so there could be empty shelves for a week to ten days. It also appears that water might be an issue, as truckers generally deliver the chemicals to water treatment centers so it's best to stock up on clean drinking water. This isn't all that's taking place: a general call has been put out to ALL AMERICANS to descend upon Washington DC November 19 to,... well,... "get angry like the French did." I will just leave it at that,...
Getting the post up on World War Z.
Ear Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner
P.S.--IF you can make it to Washington DC on November 19, please do!