Friday, October 11, 2013

Trailers: The Hobbit 2, Monuments Men (#2), Hercules the Legend Begins & Film News

I much prefer starting out with good news and happy thoughts. Here is the UK trailer released for The Hobbit: the Desolation Of Smaug (filled with tons of new footage and moments) which, in a year of ultimate films (Iron Man 3, Thor 2, The Wolverine, Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6, etc.) is going to be at the top of this list:
Again, I promise you that before December, we will not only review JRR Tolkien's book The Hobbit (which is nearly done, but as you can imagine, I get off on tangents and can't control myself) as well as The Hobbit (film part 1 which is amazing; so, if for some accursed reason you have neither read the book nor seen the first part of the film, you have been given fair warning). This important note now: Benedict Cumberbatch (who played Kahn in Star Trek Into Darkness) not only played the role of the Necromancer (the shadowy figure at the mountain all the wizards thought was securely dead) but he also plays Smaug the dragon, yes, that's his characteristic voice you hear in the trailer talking to Bilbo. Why is this important? It's a technical device for linking up the two villains, that what is true of the Necromancer is also true of Smaug and vice versa (in the book, Gandalf leaves the dwarfs and Bilbo to go and fight the Necromancer while they fight Smaug, so we don't know if that will happen or not in the film, however, it does produce a nice symmetry between Gandalf and Bilbo both fighting the same enemy, but both using their unique character to overcome that evil). Now, on a sad note,...
Due out in theaters December 18, Monuments Men has a stellar cast and, an unsettling question: aren't all these actors basically socialists? Why would they be making an anti-Hitler film if they are trying to bring socialism to America? And that answer is so easy, it's disturbing: they think we are stupid. If the socialists in America tell us that Hitler wasn't a socialist, they expect us to believe it, and they are probably right (at least up to a point) because so few people are educated at all in history: Nazis aren't socialist, they might quip back, they are Nazis (but, in German, NAZI stands for the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party). What better way to make yourself look innocence--and distance yourself from your biggest blunder, namely, Hitler and Nazi Germany--than by making a anti-Nazi film. Socialists have one agenda and one agenda only: control. Which leads us to a bit of interesting information,... 
Sadly, Steven Spielberg is producing a new Martin Luther King Jr biopic that has Oliver Stone directing and Jamie Foxx slated as the lead. First they ruined Abraham Lincoln, now they have to ruin Dr. King. This is the pattern they take, though, socialists remake EVERYTHING in their own image by re-writing history, and they do it through art and the press, it's that simple.
Finally, someone is making a World War II (or at least, is rumored to be making a WWII film) that will be anti-Nazi: Michael Bay. After getting the fourth Transformers completed, Bay is in talks to make Sabotage (due out in 2016) about a suicide mission of Norwegians who set out to destroy Hitler's nuclear capabilities. In other news, Alex Pettyfur (Magic Mike) will be playing a gay hero, yes, homosexual, in Lee Daniels' (of Oprah Winfrey's The Butler film) version of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith with two gay men leads,... and it's an action film. Is it going to be intense living room decorating?
Am I being homophobic? No. We have been chronicling a detailed and deliberate attack by socialists against white males; why would they do that? Because, in any society where socialists want to take over, they target those who hold real power, in the case of America, that's the population of white males (there are many other power holders, this is America, but they are still the dominant ones). IF this film gets made, this isn't about "supporting" gay rights or anything like that, this is about undermining masculinity, plain and simple, that's all it is. Because the 6% of the American population that is gay, feels they have no one to support their quest for political power and recognition, they are willing to let themselves be used because they think they will positively gain from it in the end; they won't. They are being prostituted to drive the Christian majority away from their moral base, to divide popular culture and erode marriage; as socialists achieve these ends, so they think, resistance to socialism will wane, and they will be able to take over. Roles such as this "action film" are meant, just like Armie Hammer's wimpy portrayal of The Lone Ranger, to make white males look sick and weak, to mock them and therefore distance ourselves from them, like the Founding Fathers who were all white males (we see the same attacks made in the animated film The Croods). Just as we discussed the effects on Obama's popularity against seeing leaders like Captain Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness, and Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, so socialists hope that seeing George Clooney as an anti-Hitler hero will raise support of Democrats in the 2014 elections, and pathetic "male leads" like Armie Hammer's Lone Ranger will sway voters from voting for white males to vote for minorities who are more likely (so socialists believe) to be in favor of socialist reforms.
Here is a snippet of what to expect in Hercules: the Legend Begins (formerly, Hercules 3D, as opposed to the Dwayne The Rock Johnson version, which is coming out next summer, titled Hercules and the Thracian Wars). Please, please, look closely at what this clip shows us:
Yes, that's it, the ARENA.
Why is this important?
We know, in November's releasing of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, that Katniss (and I believe one other character as well) is going to try to destroy the arena in which the Hunger Games takes place (symbolic of the destruction of capitalism in general in America). Why does that matter? The Hunger Games series undermines competition--to put it mildly--but capitalism is built upon competition (for my original review, please see The Hunger Games: Hitler & America's Anti-Socialism for more). Films such as The Internship (Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughan), Monsters University, 42 (the Jackie Robinson story), Battle Of the Year, Planes, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, etc., all support and uphold competition because it brings out the best in us (when competition brings out the worst in someone, it was always there to begin with, but the arena gives them a chance to self-destruct). In 42, for example, if it weren't for the baseball arena, where famed player Jackie Robinson shined, how could the Civil Rights movement have been held back because he wasn't able to contribute his part to overcoming those racial divides won by sportsmanship? Again, this is what is at stake with these films.
We have all ready discussed the Angelina Jolie 2014 Maleficent once (please see Maleficent Starring Angelina Jolie) but it appears the entire start of the film is being re-shot. First time director Robert Stromburg (set designer for Avatar and Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland) was given a whopping (!) $200 million budget, but Disney isn't happy with the opening so they have asked writer John Lee Hancock (Snow White and the Huntsman) to come and help with the re-shooting,.... funny, the worst part of Snow White and the Huntsman was the lousy writing. This doesn't bode well for the film, and--in proof of that--the opening date as, once again, been changed: originally scheduled for a May 2014 opening, it was then pushed to the summer blockbuster date of July 2 (for the big holiday weekend) but has again been moved to the more humble May timeline when it will be competing with X-Men Days Of Future Past. I doubt Disney is going to fare well with this film. From what is being reported, Hancock has re-written some scenes that have proven "problematic" but the story-line is still largely intact, which is why I am forecasting this to be a pro-socialist film.
Originally, we noted how Lutz's physique isn't really a Herculean-ideal, that someone like The Rock would be better suited to playing the famed strong-man (before it was announced that The Rock was doing a Hercules film); there could have been grounds for interpreting Lutz's less,... bulky body as a counter-cultural statement about how body-types are hyped in media, and that would be fine, but--has "Hercules" been "dumbed down?" It's just too obvious of an interpretation to see Hercules--rather The Rock's or Lutz's--as competing ideals of the American economy and political machine, and if you were deciding what America was going to be, would you see America as being strong like The Rock or far weaker and, dare I say it, maybe even effeminate, like Lutz? 
I wish the first trailer for the film would have featured Sullivan Stapelton (above) more, so the audience would identify with him (his character was born in poverty but raised himself up through hard work and study to become a leader in Athens and the hero of the war against the Persians). In this image, he's not as physically imposing as Leonides was in 300, but Stapleton also isn't cast as Hercules. We know from the trailer that all the actors therein uphold the masculinity we encountered in 300; why is this important? Two reasons: first, white males--traditional power holders in America--still have both the moral authority of the country (which socialists despise: capitalists appeal to moral integrity whereas socialists appeal to appetites, like sexual promiscuity, abortion, homosexuality, free health care, free cell phones, welfare and food stamps, etc.) and  white males still have the power to uphold that moral authority (the socialist petty attacks and celebrating homosexuality--like the Liberace Behind the Candelabra bio with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon--have not been able to damage nor discredit white males). But we can say, as well, that a film like Thor the Dark World or 300 Rise Of An Empire also threaten punishment and justice for those disrupting the political balance for greedy ends (it's not prohibiting minorities from sharing political power, rather, it's recognizing those who would shut-out others from being represented/taking away of rights and liberties). If you will notice in the image above, Stapleton's character wears a blue cape whereas Leonides wore red; why the change? The Spartans of 300 were willing to spill their blood (red) for love of country; Stapleton and this generation are willing to endure MORE than that, which is why his cloak is blue, symbolizing both depression and wisdom that he will be forced to gain from the struggles and war presented in this film.
This isn't mere speculation: Hercules the Legend Begins opens in May against 300 Rise Of An Empire and, I have to tell you, I don't think anyone could be happier than myself to see the Spartans making another stand. Before 300: Rise Of An Empire comes out, we will review 300 (I was looking for a reason to do it and this is it, perfectly!) but it's clear that King Leonides (Gerard Butler) and the other Spartans had imposing physiques because they had imposing moral standing: if their spirit wasn't strong, their bodies would have been weak; if they were not devoted to their political cause, they would not have been invested with the necessary muscle to fight the war they vowed themselves to. So what am I saying? In presenting us with a Hercules that doesn't resemble Hercules, we are being presented with an America that isn't America, and a character (Hercules) that doesn't have the will power nor the moral standing to uphold and inspire traditional American values and goals.  No one else is excited about Enders' Game, but I am really looking forward to this, and the confrontation and clash in this newest snippet certainly promises to explore important issues and 
We have seen several pro-socialist films target children because children generally don't have any material possessions nor social standing which will be lost if there is a socialist revolution like adults will (consider, for example, Moonrise Kingdom, The Conjuring, and several animated films like Ice Age 4 and Hotel Transylvania that reach out to children to "falsely alter" their sense of justice). Enders Game appears to honestly examine the clash between an older generation that knows they can't win the war (Harrison Ford) and the younger generation that doesn't quite understand what is really going on (Asa Butterfield). I have the very highest expectations for this film, personally.
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P.S.--LOL, this is an international version of The Hunger Games Catching Fire, lol, I think it's funny!