Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: Awesome!

This is a great scene, because Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) has an instrument that allows him to see "through" objects to what is taking place on the other side of the object, in this case, a book case. The light is blue; using your "instruments" of intellect and accumulated experience in deciphering, what does that mean and why?
It was even better than I thought it would be! Wow, they should just let me do the video commentary, because every single word uttered in this film is important, nothing is throw-away or unnecessary! Now, I have a totally different concept of what "great films are" then most people (remember, I love Godzilla!) but I was expecting about a "B" film, and I would give it an "A-" the acting was good, the character development was fabulous and, so, too, were the special effects; what was best of the film, however, is the theology: vampires are actually vampires in this film (not glamorized, mis-understood hunks and babes) but those who drink the blood of humans as an act of draining their soul of God's Grace (when we drink the Blood of Jesus, which we are supposed to do; vampires can only drink the blood of people not "protected" by the Blood of God).  Anyway, this is some of the best theology, top to bottom, I have seen in a really, really long time! The demons act just like demons! And SIN IS PUNISHED AS SIN!!! Hooray! This was done very well, and I am guessing, it might even be better than the books! So, I am getting the post up; there will be spoilers (the film opened today, Wednesday, August 21, so see the film before you read my post) but, what should you look for? I'll give you some hints,....
I do want you to know, there are two gay characters in the film: this guy, a warlock (a male witch, a man married to Satan who is given powers because of that) and Alec, one of the Shadowhunters. Wait, if Shadowhunters are good, how can one of them be gay or how can the film be good if it advances homosexuality? The US Bishops have said that, regardless of whether homosexuality is a pre-determined condition or cultural nurturing, those who say they are homosexual are, like hetrosexual singles, to practice chastity and abstinence, not engaging in any sexual activity. Alec doesn't. He gets seriously stung by a demon, and Magnus Bane (above) comes to "heal" him after seeing Alec earlier and saying he was "hot." Alec is left "responding" to Magnus' "healing," but just because Magnus saves Alec's life (for the moment), doesn't mean Alec's soul has been saved. Alec is in a coma, and who else is in a coma? Jocelyn (Lena Headey), Clarey's mom. Jocelyn was taking Clary to Magnus to block her mind so Clarey wouldn't know she is a Shadowhunter; did Jocelyn do the right thing? No. The Shadowhunters have a truce/accord with demons like Magnus, the werewolves and an uneasy truce with  vampires; it's not like in films such as the Underworld series, that demons are being allowed to live, or there is good in the demons, rather both agree not to use their power against the other unless the other steps outside the bounds of the accord. The thing is, just like we hear in the trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, evil can't help but show itself, and in the evil disguised as good of Magnus Bane, both Alec and Jocelyn are in "death-like states" because I am confident the sting (like a scorpion sting) was a foreshadowing of a sexual encounter between Magnus and Alec, and Magnus is the one who will really going to kill Alec (like in a sequel).
Definitely look for ALL references about drinking and eating. It's not JUST about the appetites, as we have been seeing in relationship to capitalism; it's about how we respond/react to reality: in the film, the spiritual plane, we eat truth (because it has to be digested) and we drink the troubles that will make us stronger and purge us of our weaknesses. The second hint: knowledge. Who provides who with knowledge? At what point? At what price? There are three types of knowledge in the film: the knowledge of the spiritual world, the knowledge that comes from memories, and the knowledge that comes from love. How are these forms of knowledge gained/lost? The last hint: how many fairy tale references can you catch? There is a particular one that we will discuss! If you see it, I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did, I was immediately ready to watch it again and catch some of the things I missed the first time (my ONLY complaint of the film is that there are times when I simply could not understand bits of dialogue; I had to do some research to try and find the bits I missed, but that happens in lots of films).
Eat Your Art Out,
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If these Shadowhunters are half angel-half warrior, why do they dress so slutty and Gothic? The Gothic style is an emphasis on death (like their all black clothes) but the Shadowhunters were black because they are "dead to the world," the demons, on the other hand, are dead to the Spirit, and their "slutty" appearance or hood/gangster clothes are meant to attract or lure out the demons--hiding as humans--so they can be destroyed. The black of their clothes then, really means the "death" of the demons because demons can't discern or make any application of wisdom, because wisdom is a holy virtue, a Gift of the Holy Spirit which, demons, obviously lack.