Monday, June 17, 2013

World War Z & Agenda 21 (Hitler's Final Solution)

Without a doubt, Mel Brooks' book World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War is a platform for the implementation of the United Nation's Agenda 21. Like Steven Soderbergh's Contagion (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law) from 2011, World War Z (the film) will prepare us for two new realities that we have never dealt with before: martial law (unless you live in Boston and dealt with it in the police hunt post-Marathon bombings) and the destruction of humanity and we are talking 1/3-3/4 of the world's population intentionally destroyed by the United Nations through a virus/artificially created financial meltdown of the global system.  "Zombie" is just a code word for anyone not willing to go along with the idea and who will, therefore, have to be exterminated on order. Whose order? The UN. That's why the most popular, handsome man in the world, Brad Pitt, has been chosen to play a UN investigator to invest the role with glamor and respectability, so we will welcome the UN into America. Why would the UN come to America? They have all ready been here--as if we were a Third World country--to monitor the 2012 elections to insure Obama would win again. Agenda 21 is all about making one world government with a few selected cities to be populated by a hundred million people or so (everyone else will be killed) and no religion. The ultimate euphoria of human intelligence has evolved to this global Cain vs Abel battle that Hitler started and the UN will achieve.
Well, the mystery over "which way" World War Z will go is over; director Marc Forster told Film Journal International:

"I've been conscious of working in the [zombie] genre from the beginning, and World War Z is so large in scale," Forster says. "There are a lot of original aspects in the film that I think people haven't seen before. For example, when coming up with the zombies and how they move, I based them on a swarm theory. What I mean by that is originally, when you look at Romero films from the '70s, his zombies move very slowly--I think because he was making a commentary on the consumerism of human beings at the time. For me, today, it was more about zombies swarming, a metaphor for overpopulation. We have fewer and fewer resources in our world today, and more people, so if those people turned into zombies, we are talking about large numbers and huge swarms." (MacDougall, 10)
This is a great point. Where did that wall come from? Capitalism and free markets don't build walls like that to keep people inside against their will, socialism/communism does (the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, the Iron Curtain that prohibited members of the Soviet Bloc from leaving to travel to the West, in other words, a wall doesn't have to be tangible, but it can). When did it become such a sin to be a human being? When it became a sin to be born, with the passing of Roe vs Wade. When "being born" became an arbitrary option of the mother, being human ceased to be dignified and became a burden upon the ecosystem. People who defend life will never adhere to the "Final Solution" proposed by Hitler's regime and being implemented today throughout the world by the UN (yes, that's right, the UN). People who are "pro-choice," however, believe there is no sanctity to life and that life is to begin and end when the government says so (religion has been abandoned by pro-choice people, because you simply cannot hold that a woman has the right to arbitrarily chose to abort her baby and that God is divine and in charge of all our lives, the two positions are impossible to hold simultaneously, because the woman has made herself God (or the man forcing her to get the abortion) by deciding who lives and who dies). The "swarming effect" we see in the image above is probably going to be used as a metaphor for how hard it is to climb the social ladder,... ? Just my guess, to me, that's people who have been reduced to the level of livestock by their governments and are desperately trying to get to freedom away from their governments. In Now You See Me, we see The Eye taking the place of the UN and being artfully debunked (my review is coming up on that).
Why is this important?
For at least two reasons.
First, it validates what we do here, decoding. Like Forster decoding Romero's zombies to see consumerism, we decode as well, and, likewise, all of us--including myself--are trapped in our own perceptions about reality and politics (there is, by the way, no way you can get at consumerism for Romero's zombies unless you are erasing about half the film). We also see, beyond my own observations, Forster encoding his zombies as "a metaphor for overpopulation" (but, in spite of Forster trying to come off as original, we have all ready seen the "swarming" effect in I Am Legend with Will Smith). Forster's quote about having "fewer and fewer resource and more and more people" is a line from the UN's book justifying the Final Solution it is determined to enact to save the planet which leads us to our second point.
The easiest way to determine the legitimacy of a "reading" or interpretation is to see if there are other sources saying the same thing and we see it in The Hunger Games (please see The Hunger Games: Hitler & America's Anti-Socialism). There was a controversy regarding this salute Katniss gives the audience and whether or not it resembles the "Heil Hitler." In May of last year, when I originally reviewed the film, I said it was undecidable, it could be seen as that but it didn't have to be. Given the greater fervor of revolution in the sequel Catching Fire, the "poor people" who are locked up in their districts are supposed to symbolize us, the people of America, and the evil Snow (Sutherland) is the 1% who rules over us (this isn't a convincing message the film sends to us, because most of us see ourselves as being locked up because of Obama's socialism and we want to get back to the way things were BEFORE the 2008 crisis, but this is how propaganda works, and it may work against the authorities). Anyhow, there is an important "slip" in Catching Fire: Snow says that the victors of the Hunger Games (which is Moneyball (Brad Pitt) inverted; please see Moneyball & the Great American Economy for more) must be eliminated, which is what socialism does, not capitalism, because you have to have a world full of Jay Carneys, Susan Rice and Eric Holders to keep a socialism going, in other words, socialism is the rule of the mediocre over the masses, because anyone really smart knows that socialism is a dead end. The problems with The Hunger Games is that it fed the audience images of what we think of under socialism and communism, not democracy and free markets, so if Catching Fire is going to continue in this vein, to incite us to a "revolution" against the 1% and Constitution, it/s apt to make us revolt against Obama and his dictatorship.
Before 2008, none of us thought of ourselves as "burdens" or not having "the right" to exist; none of us thought of ourselves as zombies, but, alas, with the "Hope" and "Change" of Obama, we are a burden and we do not have the right to exist outside of his or the UN's granting us the right to exist. In the trailer for World War Z, sadly, when we see the Constitution being taken out, the Constitution is really being thrown out, and we have to get used to a world where "inherent rights and liberty" no longer exist, because the Statue Of Liberty isn't a beacon of hope, she's nothing but a melting snowman destroyed by "global warming." PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO SEE THIS FILM THIS WEEKEND! POST IT EVERYWHERE AND TELL YOUR CHURCH AND YOUR FRIENDS, ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST AND AT WORK, NOT TO GO SEE THIS FILM. Boycott is still one of the strongest weapons we as Americans have, and it's important that we use it! I will be going to see it, but just so I can report back and keep up on the filthy dialogue being used against us, but please, go see Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, Star Trek Into Darkness or Now You See Me (I saw that this weekend because Man Of Steel was sold out) instead.
Eat Your Art Out,
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