Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now You See Me Magic Fight Scene, Riddick, Hercules, Behind the Candelabra, Elysium Citizenship Intiative Test

If you are of the estimation that Now You See Me isn't going to be good, I would like to know why. This fight scene between Agent Hobbs (Ruffalo) and Jack (Dave Franco) appears to take place in the magicians' studio:
We have seen a fight taking place in a magician's studio all ready this year with Dave Franco's big brother James in in Oz the Great and Powerful when the strong man of the carnival breaks in Oscar's (Franco) wagon/trailer but Oscar manages to escape to the fateful hot air balloon.  There's a lot to this scene, but I am STILL trying to get Iron Man done so let's just say that an interesting dimension of play takes place with using a "new trick" of the cards as weapons; since the cards-as-weapons hit Hobbs on the face, such a masterful display of quick thinking on Jack's part "defaces" Hobbs, enough so that Jack manages to escape, at least by the end of the clip. From what we saw yesterday, however, it's his resolution and perseverance Hobbs values in himself and that he's betting on will outlast the magicians (when he was talking to Atlas before Hobbs gets cuffed). "Jack" has been a common name in the last year: Jack the Giant Slayer, Jack Reacher, Jack McLaine in A Good Day to Die Hard. That's something we will need to keep in mind as his character is developed, how, if at all, his character "intersects" with other Jacks we have seen.
I am actually impressed with this:
So, what do men symbolize?
What do you think it means when he says, "We play for blood," what film does that remind you of? Riddick has been left in a barren desert with nothing but monsters and bounty hunters trying to kill him; what do you think this means? This is just the first trailer, so I think we can expect a lot more, soon.
Kellan Lutz who is slated to star in Hercules 3D.
I could very well be wrong about this, however, the general synopsis for Hercules 3D, starring Kellan Lutz (Twilight) is about Hercules' love for the mortal princess of Crete who is all ready betrothed to the older brother of Hercules,... What do you think this means? Remember, when there are two related characters--in this case, brothers--it directs our attention to two related systems, or models; men generally signify the active principle of the economy, so we would have two competing economic models. Women, on the other hand, usually symbolize the passive principle of the motherland because the motherland gives birth to the people who live there,... well, let's not even bother going into it more in depth. It reportedly has a $70 million budget and is going to be done in the style of Gladiator; scheduled to being filming in Bulgaria this month, film makers are racing to get it out ahead of Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson scheduled for release in August 2014.
On the extreme other side of Herculean masculinity,.... 
Michael Douglas portrays Liberace and Matt Damon portrays his lover. Without a doubt we are supposed to realize that effeminate men are just as manly as straight men. Such a show directly attacks, once more, the white male we have discussed previously in Skyfall (James Bond as a police shooting target during the opening credits), Oz the Great and Powerful (being bombarded with projectiles while in the basket of the hot air balloon), The Croods (Grug being mocked and undermined throughout the whole film), Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (Hansel is continuously attacked by witches, ie, feminists) and Mama (a film definitely about women because men aren't important; it's possible October's release of Carrie will follow the same path). Why are white, heterosexual men being attacked by Hollywood? It's part of the dismantling of capitalism. Socialism has to discredit the group holding the greatest power in a country when it has decided to move in; in America, that would be white, heterosexual males. By demonizing white males, you also demonize the form of government "giving" them power (capitalism) so minorities--ethnic groups, gays and women--will want to sponsor a new form of government that will sponsor them, and a way to dismantle and destroy that traditional power base is using the enemy against himself. By drowning white, straight men in the guilt of racism, homophobia, sexism and bigotry, socialists hope white straight men will gladly escort themselves to the guillotine because they don't deserve to have any power because they are such terrible people. That's how socialism thinks. That's why a show like this--among other terrible harms it's committing--is such a political and social platform for anti-American behavior.
Steven Soderbergh's new HBO biography of the life of Liberace called Behind the Candelabra stars Michael Douglas as the famed musician and Matt Damon playing his gay lover. Yes, it is homosexually explicit with them kissing and having sex. Why? For one reason, definitely, and possibly for a second. First, because we (all of society) must be indoctrinated to accept homosexuality as a legitimate lifestyle choice, and even a desirable choice if you want to be the successful artist Liberace was. The more we see homosexuality, the more our resistance to it wears down and the more likely we are to not put up a fight when legislation is passed promoting it or giving it the same rights as traditional marriage. It's a way of making us "get used to it."
I am not really surprised that director Soderbergh is doing this film. I was doing some research on World War Z  (book) the other day, because it really seemed supporting Agenda 21 and I thought, surely I am just being paranoid about this; if I am, there are a lot of others paranoid about it, too. Another writer detailed how they noticed the "symptoms" of Agenda 21 all ready present in Soderbergh's Contagion (Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow): martial law is imposed and unless the government is doing it in the film, like handing out food, quarantining people or passing out vaccinations, no one can take care of themselves after a massive loss of the population. So Soderbergh's newest effort to support the Obama administration shouldn't come as a surprise from the Sex, Lies and Videotape director. An image such as this one just above certainly says, put the YOU in Fab-YOU-lous!  
Secondly, and we all ready discussed this with Beginners and the incredible actor Christopher Plummer getting an Oscar for kissing another man in front of cameras, the actors are willing to take destabilized gender roles to get Oscars and "enhance" their standing in Hollywood. This creates, what I feel to be, a most terrible situation: the deliberate exploitation of the gay community. I am against the act of homosexuality as much as I am the act of heterosexual sex outside marriage, but actors appear to be deliberately using--in the basest of ways--gays to advance their own careers, "artistically raping" the homosexuals being portrayed to make the individual actor more competitive in Hollywood. Case in point: in Behind the Candelabra, Liberace himself isn't being celebrated, only his sexuality is important, the part of himself he didn't want anyone to know about, but it's a political expedient now, so it's going to be publicized and exploited for all Hollywood can get out it and probably both Douglas and Damon are hoping for Emmys or Oscars or some kind of critical acclamation for their "cutting edge performance" of gay sex. Why should all of us be concerned with this?
Please compare this image of Riddick (Vin Diesel) in the barren desert to the picture of Douglas and Damon above with their swimming pool and horrible clothes; which man do you have more respect for?
Liberals and socialists use people.
We all know that liberals don't care about blacks, or Hispanics or women or teachers, gays or steel workers, they just care about the power they get from those groups and liberals are perfectly happy to persecute anyone they feel they can attain an advantage from regardless of morality or a basic obligation to be kind to other human beings for the sake of being kind to other human beings. In other words, the wringer liberals are currently putting white, heterosexual males through, will be used to put anyone else through as soon as it becomes politically expedient. That's why we should care.
And speaking of Matt Damon,...
The citizenship test for Elysium station is specifically designed to make you feel inferior and stupid so you despise the ones "smart enough" to spend life in the oasis space station. Why? So you will want affirmative action, because without the government making the playing field level for you, you can't possibly compete with anyone else because the socialists know you are inherently as dumb as they are.
At the Elysium citizenship initiative interview on their website, you can take the test to see if you qualify to experience life on the space station of luxury, which is supposed to symbolize class mobility, but I think most of us see this as a mechanism of socialism only allowing a certain elite into the privileged world rather than capitalism. For example, when you start the process, you have the chance to either sign in with Facebook (I don't have a Facebook account) or Bypass so I chose the bypass option and the "Agent" noted that this arouses suspicion and would be noted on my record. So, given the seizure of the Associated Press phone records exposed this week, and the bullying tactics of the IRS regarding conservative political parties, does my desire to keep my privacy sound like socialism wants to break into my personal life, or do we have experience of this kind of privacy invasion from the Bush Administration?
Has a Republican/capitalist government ever tried tattooing people like the Nazis did in concentration camps to the Jews, or putting microchips in citizens as is mandated in Obamacare legislation?
Here is the first question: CCB robots attacked a friend during a riot; was the robots' behavior justified or illegal and violent. Of course, I chose "illegal and violent," and the Agent responded, "Your answer is incorrect. All CCB action is lawful and just. If my statement of fact confuses you, it is very likely you will never qualify for Elysium citizenship." I'll tell you what that sounds like to me, both 1984 and Obama throwing out the Constitution believing all his actions are legal and just regardless of what laws they violate. But maybe that's just me. Also worthy to note, Drew Pearce--screenwriter of Iron Man 3--has been contracted for the script of Mission Impossible 5.
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