Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Elysium & Wreck-It Ralph

Matt Damon stars as Max in Elysium.
Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees.
I watched Wreck-It Ralph again last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I realized, just a few moments into the film, that the story line sits up the same structure for the upcoming Matt Damon-Jodie Foster drama Elysium, wherein Max (Damon) lives in the garbage dump that earth has become (like Ralph living in the trash heap) and he has to rob the Space Station Elysium of something so he can live better (like Ralph getting the medal from Hero's Duty to advance to Niceland so his life will be better). There appears to be another scene from Wreck-It Ralph mirrored in an upcoming blockbuster, Star Trek Into Darkness.
In Star Trek, Spock goes into a volcano about to erupt and from the clip we have seen so far, his existence is jeopardized as he appears to be stranded in the volcano; similarly, towards the end of Wreck-It Ralph, Ralph sacrifices himself as he frees himself from King Candy's/Turbo's grip to dive into the Diet Cola Mountain surrounded by mintos (to create an eruption) and intends on sacrificing himself in order to save Vanellope and Sugar Rush (the racing arcade game Sugar Rush might have had some influence on the upcoming Chris Hemsworth Formula 1 racing film, Rush); Vanellope, however, saves Ralph with his candy go-cart and all order is restored (for the complete review, please see Children Of the Candy Corn: Wreck-It Ralph & Game Jumping for more). Why should we bother with tracing and tracking recurring patterns and motifs in films? For at least two reasons.
In another bit of news, Jason Statham is rumored to be cast as the villain in next year's Fast & Furious 7. Statham was offered the role of Owen Shaw featured in F & F 6, but turned it down and it went to Luke Evans who has nabbed two additional roles because of his performance in F & F 6 (The Crow, which Thor star Tom Hiddleston was in talks for but ultimately turned down, and Dracula). Rumors suggest Statham would be cast as Ian Shaw, older brother of Owen in F & F 7. Again, no confirmations, just rumors, but F & F 7 is picking up at a fast pace!
First, it demonstrates the dialogue taking place between films; secondly, it validates our own efforts at decoding when we see codes entering and re-entering narratives; to offer a third reason no one else in the world might agree with, it's fun. There are reasons for similar scenes and ideas being picked up by one film and reminded to viewers by other films and that reflects our culture and what's going on at the macro-level.
Eat Your Art Out,
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