Friday, January 18, 2013

Mama Discussion Updated

Opening this weekend is Mama starring Jessica Chastain; I have just updated my discussion with 2 new clips of the film at this link with more analysis. I also saw Zero Dark Thirty and I am thrilled to report that the film is flawless. It is a perfect film, there is no error in the execution or pacing and, as you can imagine, the performances are utter perfection. So, why wasn't director Kathryn Bigelow nominated for the Oscar? She gives absolutely no credit to President Obama for the victory over America's al-Qaeda enemy and, with his numerous supporters in Hollywood, that had to have hurt; I am confident, however, that is the only reason she didn't receive the nomination which is just to Bigelow's credit.
 Having seen Zero Dark Thirty, I am now ready to post on Ben Affleck's Argo and reveal that for the piece of cowardice and anti-American propaganda it is: immediately after seeing the film, I was ready to post, but couldn't do it because I felt I was being too hard on Mr. Affleck especially because I am thoroughly impressed with his technical achievements; Ms. Bigelow, however, puts forth such a strong and courageous America-as-super-power image, (which actually might be a second-reason she wasn't nominated, Hollywood isn't comfortable with America being powerful), that I am ready to accuse Mr. Affleck of what he rightfully has coming.
As you probably guessed, I have been sick, again. Terribly sorry, but am working on getting Zero Dark Thirty up now.
Eat Your Art Out,
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