Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters is Pro-Capitalist! Pre-Review

Feast your eyes on the ugly face of socialism,...
I got to see this with my dad, and we give it two thumbs up!
If you were just rating dad and I by films we like, you would assume I was adopted, because he has the WORST taste in films I have ever seen (he watched Citizen Kane for me, and made me watch Blazing Saddles for him,... need I say more?). So dad rated the story line at 5 stars; acting, special effects and scenery at 4 stars; his only complaint was that some of the action scenes were too fast--and I concur--so while we did enjoy them, we wish it had exploited the possibilities of the 3D more, other than that, we both thoroughly enjoyed it! BUT, the wonderful creativity of the opening credits made up for that (at least for me).
She is the character who not only makes this a capitalist film, but radically capitalist, like The Hunger Games will hate this film! Remember, Hansel and Gretel are self-employed bounty hunters who get paid for their services and provide a service for the communities, and these are basic concepts Obama's administration is trying to make taboo in America.
It was actually of a higher quality than I expected--I saw some clips, which were not in the film, beforehand and that made me question the craftsmanship, but I would give the film a solid 90% rating for entertainment and narrative structure (okay, most people don't grade on narrative structure, but you know that's important for me!). There is some foul language (and neither dad nor I appreciated that) and brief female nudity. Nearly done with Hansel and Gretel (the original story) and will start working on the full Witch Hunters review and it will be a good one!  This one is loaded!
Eat Your Art Out,
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