Tuesday, January 29, 2013

For Film Connoisseurs & Skyfall Video Release Date

Wow, I would LOVE to have this,...
Either for yourself or that serious student of film you know, in celebration of their 90 years of film making, Warner Brothers is releasing two, limited-edition, Blu-Ray/DVD gift-sets: one with 50 of their greatest films (16 of which won Best Picture on 52 discs) plus exclusive documentary footage, and another with 100 of their greatest films (22 Best Picture winners on 55 discs), also with exclusive behind-the-scenes extras. Details of the 50 film collection here and specifics of the 100 film collection here.
The big question is, how much?
That depends on where you intend to buy it.
On Amazon.com, you can purchase the 50 film collection for $366 plus tax and shipping, or for about $20 more get the 100 film collection. There are also other places selling the sets, such as Best Buy. Customer reviews have primarily been about the movies they all ready own being duplicated, so it's not necessarily a great deal for everyone. However, if you have become serious about film lately, you might check out the guidelines for becoming a film connoisseur.
On a somewhat more important note,...
Skyfall will be released February 12! 
Also being released this month:
Bully, week of February 12, which was a rather important documentary.
Silent Hill Revelation, which I very much appreciated and will try to get that review up; it's a surprisingly Christian film, which I was not expecting, with a deep understanding of spirituality and the Dark Night Of the Soul.
The Sessions, which Helen Hunt was almost nominated for an Oscar
The Man With the Iron Fists (Quentin Tarantio produced)
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
The Week Of February 19:
 Argo, which is sweeping awards
Sinister, which I wanted to see but, honestly, it looked so scary I just chickened-out!
Anna Karenina
Eat Your Art Out,
The Fine Art Diner