Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rise Of the Guardian, The Collection, Oz: The Great and Powerful

N.B.: There is a post-credits scene you will want to watch! Everyone else left the theater before seeing it so if you go, wait for it!
Rise Of the Guardians was excellent!
As you may know, I was dreading this film,... you must think I am quite the pessimist! I was certain it would an anti-capitalist film but it was an amazing attack on socialism! I am so impressed with the direction the film took and the angles they used to attack the way socialism effects and treats children! This is great for the whole family! Also great, but not for the whole family is The Collection, a bloody, gory horror film that truly hits the mark about a socialist economy....
The monstrosity you see in the poster above is an excellent example of the "museum of horrors" created by the unnatural control and designs of The Collector, a serial killer who--without a doubt--symbolizes a socialist regime. I wasn't going to see this one, not liking scary movies, but I am so glad I did! It's very gory and bloody, and gross, but, then again, so is socialism!
At the start of Rise Of the Guardians is the newest trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful, due out on March 8, 2013; see if you can pick it apart, what would be a capitalist statement made in the trailer:
"I don't want to die! I haven't accomplished anything!" is the statement of a capitalist, because--in spite of President Obama telling America, "You didn't build that,"--Americans know we did build that and we did accomplish that, and that is part of our destiny and purpose which a socialist state tries to rob from its citizens (because a socialist government wants to be the one who built and accomplished, not individuals).  BUT, the film could go either way, I am just more hopeful of it going capitalist now.
I had no idea there were so many reader comments so I am addressing them tonight!
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