Monday, November 5, 2012

Wreck It Ralph Isn't Playing Games...

Why does Wreck It Ralph say, "I'm going to wreck it"?
That's the choice of voters tomorrow, whether or not to "wreck" the system of capitalism built up since the country's beginning. Disney's newest film is theoretically advanced on a number of levels (it's proving to be a chore deciding what to write and skip) and thoroughly enjoyable; understanding the film is imperative given the nearly $50 million opening weekend pre-election day! To be honest, however, if I had children, (and this is a decision every parent has to make) I don't know that I would let them see it. There is some language and name-calling I would not want my 5 year-old repeating; additionally, there were a great number of children in the audience (as you can imagine) who seemed restless; the story line maybe too much for smaller children; adults, on the other hand, seemed to greatly enjoy the film and that's because, ultimately, it's an affirmation of the power of the voter and the belief in the American Dream. It's a good film, but I think many in Hollywood are shocked by the overwhelming opening it has enjoyed (rather like Taken 2's opening weekend) and that may be because of the validation of the American Way which is dominant throughout the film causing audiences to head to the movie!
I am working on the full review!