Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Out On Video This Week

A scene from Arthur Christmas. Please note the name tag of the sleigh in the immediate, lower center of the image: "Eve." Eve is, literally, the vehicle for Christmas (symbolized by the sleigh) because of Eve's sin, Christ was born so that we could be redeemed of Original Sin, so He could pay the price we could not.
It's finally out!
I thoroughly enjoyed Arthur Christmas when I saw it last December (I had no intention of seeing it, but went into the wrong theater and by the time I realized my mistake, I was just too tired to leave, and I am so glad I stayed!). The film opens by making fun of our modern day Christmas hustling-and-bustling and sees through all the crinkled paper from unwrapped presents to find the meaning of Christmas within ourselves (please see Arthur Christmas & the Author Of Christmas for my review). 
Also out is The Amazing Spider Man; while I did not enjoy the Spider Man version with Tobey McGuire and Kirsten Dunst, I was quite pleased with Andrew Garfield's and Emma Stone's portrayals and quite pleased with the great screenplay, notably the sophisticated employment of parables for socialism and capitalism (Please see Decay Rate Algorithms & Cross Species Genetics: The Amazing Spider Man).  I am going to be finishing up Wreck It Ralph and, if you are staying up to watch election results tonight, think of stopping by the local film kiosk and pick up one of these films to help pass the time!
Another film I enjoyed, recently out to rent, is The Raven with John Cusack. It's not an A-list film, but it is enjoyable (I've seen it twice and liked it even better the second time around).