Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skyfall First Clip

This is the first clip from the newest James Bond to be released:
This is my MOST ANTICIPATED film for the rest of this year!
Bond (Daniel Craig) employs a construction machine to stop a fast-moving train,... the key to this scene is the kind of car he crushes: the Volkswagenn Beetle, or the People's Car, was ordered by Socialist Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and built by Nazi trade unions. Bond crushing the cars acts to verify the crushing of socialism and his "bridging over" the gap that will leave. Bond confidently landing on his feet with an unwrinkled suit contrasts with his physical abilities in Casino Royale (please see James Bond: Beyond Boundaries for analysis on why Bond fights and chases the way he does and evolves to get stronger) but demonstrates that the feats of this scene have left him "unscathed" (his suit still neat and no "defacing marks" on him) because he has successfully built up his strength and skills to be in top form for this battle (we know from the trailer that the woman following in the car will shoot him later in this scene, so he will still be "brought down" when he falls, but that attests to the virtue of this hero that he can still come back for more). Bond wears a gray suit, however, so it means he either is in a state of penance (not out of the question because a click scene in the second trailer shows M (Judy Dench) looking a computer screen that says, "Think on your sins,") or Bond is, like Gandalf the Gray in The Lord Of the Rings, a pilgrim to attain an even greater degree of power (or, of course, it could easily mean both).