Saturday, October 20, 2012


My sister had a crisis this week and I have been helping her and now I am sick. I am terribly sorry I haven't been able to get anything new up, but I thought I might draw your attention to some of my favorite posts that perhaps you haven't read! The 1981 hit The Clash Of the Titans is the ultimate film about relationships. The riddle Andromeda asks of Perseus is a riddle every woman asks of every man, and the contents of that riddle is the key to all the strife in our relationships (please see The Medusa Within: Clash Of the Titans).
Washington Irving's tale The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow about a school master and his rival Brom Bones is widely recognized in American literature as being the first genuine tale that represents a purely American art form of narration; besides that, I demonstrate its importance as being a path for two conflicting pathways America could take, represented by Ichabod and Brom and why it was imperative to colonial Americans who the identity of the Headless Horseman really was (and it is not Brom Bones!) Please see The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and the Battle For America.
It might appear to be an innocent portrait of two sisters, but John Everett Millais' Leisure Hours is a full-scale assault against Victorian society and the future his contemporaries were creating for their children. Please see my favorite painting analysis that I have done so far thus in Leisure Hours and Victorian Consumption.
In 1981, the Australian rock group Men At Work came up with this #1 single, Land Down Under:
The song is actually an apocalyptic warning to fellow Australians about narcotic addiction and the extravagant lifestyle they were living ("where women glow and men plunder"); please see Australian Apocalypse: Men At Work.
I will get back to posting asap! Thank you for your patience!
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