Monday, October 22, 2012

Iron Man 3 & Skyfall

Like Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, it looks like the press wants to talk to Tony Stark, a member of the 1% of America's billionaires. We do know that, post-The Avengers' battle with Loki, Stark becomes disenchanted and closes in on himself; Stark and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) get into a fight; the Malibu mansion of Stark's is razed to the ground/sinks into the ocean (is his mansion "under water" like mortgages across the nation? Bruce Wayne went bankrupt and nearly lost his house) and Stark has to go back to the way it was in Iron Man in the cave where he used all his skills to create the fab Iron Man machine for which he became so famous. Most importantly, we also know that his arch-enemy the Mandarin (Ben Kinglsey) is from China and poses the world-wide threat in this narrative,... and this will set up Stark's role in The Avengers 2.
This is the new era of advertising, and cinema's ability to adapt to the hyper-speeds of the news world and social media shows it's in healthy shape. Like Prometheus earlier this year, Iron Man 3 is launching teasers for teasers, that is, posters on Facebook and the web to peak interest in the first official trailer to be released early tomorrow morning! (Thank you, Lord, the wait is nearly over! Yes, it will be posted here asap!); in the meantime, here is a sample (eighteen seconds) of the full-length sample (one to two minutes) we will be treated to tomorrow!
What has the Mandarin done?
Mandarin has destroyed Stark's "personal world," according to Marvel, and that's a story line many of us can understand and sympathize with. Stark will have to track down Mandarin using only his personal capabilities (again, Bruce Wayne climbing his way out of The Pit). Is it good that the two billionaire super hero story lines are so closely woven together? It depends on who you will be voting for in the next couple of weeks; since Iron Man 3 isn't due out until May, either Mitt Romney will have been in office a few more months, or President Obama will be launching his Obamacare and redistribution of wealth program aimed at people just like Tony Stark, so it will be interesting, to say the least.
I have decided that, when Skyfall comes out, I am buying two tickets: one to see the first show, and one to turn around and immediately see the second show... watch, this has "new material" in it:
One of many striking aspects of this narrative--in addition to ones all ready discussed and those to be discussed before the film's release--is Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem) and his blond hair. Why would that be an issue? Hair symbolizes/reveals our thoughts, (we know, outside of the film, that Mr. Bardem has naturally dark hair, but we can also deduce that within the context of the film) so, with Silva's dark eyes, eyebrows and facial stubble, the bond is an artificial hair color; it's so blond, in fact, it's almost bleached, and that color can mean either he is a man of faith (a man of lofty thoughts and belief in the metaphysical laws of the universe, so to speak) or a man whose thoughts and thinking is dead or of death, and given he is the villain, I will bank on the later. We have also seen him dressed in police uniform (won't that be a fun twist to explore) but, there are those who think I read too much into films (they usually don't stick around long) so here is the clip where Bond meets Q and it is delightful in a dry, British sort of way!
Yes, I am delighted that Q interprets the painting of the old ship (read "the ship of state," England itself, which made its fame through its navy and merchant ships) and that they meet within an art museum because Q engages with the art the same as we are meant to engage with the art; does Bond engage with the art? He engages the enemy, by pulling or not pulling the trigger, as he points out, but this is truly a tasty little morsel--at least for me--because you know how I love art and this really boosts my confidence in the film makers that every single aspect of the film has been carefully considered for our most in-depth discussion!
I really can't wait,... I can't,...
Eat Your Art Out,
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