Friday, October 12, 2012

Argo + Trailers: Hitchcock, Django Unchained

Mr. Affleck's Argo is certainly worthy of praise, for his directing and acting; the pacing of the film and Mr. Affleck's realization of an entire vision. For a story with so many sides and angles, Mr. Affleck not only achieved harmony but that sought-after prize: suspense. It is certainly an excellent story, one which richly honors the courage and risks of our Canadian allies in harboring the six refugee Americans, as well as the faith and creativity of the Americans working to get them out. Similarly, in the opening sequences, he makes it clear that America had it coming. I will go into all this more in my review, however, it is clear that the film makers believe that--while individual Americans are not to blame for Middle Eastern retaliation against us--we as a country are to blame for what has happened and we should pack up our bags and get out. Particular skill was used in communicating this, the very best of cinematic devices, and it was artfully employed. Of course, as always, I will go further into it in my full review.
In the meantime,...
What does the information within this trailer remind us of?
The Academy's Best Picture of the Year, The Artist. The clip of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock, writing out a check to make the film he believed in, the film that would change the way we would watch movies, the first blockbuster hit--that is capitalism! This film, this statement will be an old-fashioned canon ball right through the enemy lines of those arguing that art is better off under socialism. In and of itself, it might not be a good film, but it will be important.
Does that matter?
Yes and no.
It's rather like the releasing of The Lord Of the Rings, I thought the adaptation was perfectly awful yet it introduced author J.R.R. Tolkien to a new generation of readers and (I guess) blew many of them away with the story, and the same is bound to happen with a new generation unfamiliar with Hitchcock. Hitchcock will be released in 2013.
The second of Quentin Tarantino's trailers for Django Unchained (opening in December) has been released:
Essentially, it's the same premise as Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: the attack on plantation owners is really an attack on any business owner in America (if you employ even one person, even if they are your spouse or child, you have "enslaved" them and you are a KKK member); the problem with this, as I have taken pains to reveal the obvious in so many of these anti-capitalists works, is that THE PLANTATION OWNERS WERE ALL DEMOCRATS, and they were the ones refusing blacks their freedom and the ones wanting to withdraw from the union. Tidy, isn't it, forgetting history? That makes everything so much cleaner,...
Reviews will be forthcoming!
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