Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lawless Is Flawless But Socialist

The highest compliment I can possibly give to director John Hillcoat and the cast of today's opening Lawless is that every aspect of every scene is perfectly and completely realized, leaving absolutely nothing to be desired; symbols and polar oppositions are well constructed and placed throughout the narrative and visuals that are perfectly constructed (a few people have thought the pacing to be off, but I thought it was exquisite). The cast of course, were all perfect fulfillments of their roles and so aptly directed by Hillcoat with their natural abilities in conjunction with his own vision for the film and characters that there could easily be Oscar nominations for himsrlf and any one of the actors.
It is, however, definitely an anti-capitalist and pro-socialist film. I do encourage you to go and see it because it's just amazing to see a perfect film such as this one, with such a perfectly harmonized cast (no one stealing the spotlight but each transformed into the time and the purpose of their roles, never overstepping nor underplaying their purpose) and these types of films don't come along often, not to mention, it's a great treat for the Wednesday hump. I am also going to see Expendables tonight (no, really, I all ready bought the ticket and have it in my pocket for the 10:15 show, really). Since Lawless opens this weekend, I am getting that up by tomorrow afternoon (probably a little late because there's a lot to write on it) and I want to just think on Paranorman a few more days...