Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trailers: Oz the Great & Powerful, V/H/S/, The Helpers, Compliance, The Awakening

If there was ever a pro-Obama film, the producers of the Alice In Wonderland have created it with this pre-quel Oz: The Great and Powerful due out next March and starring James Franco as the charlatan turned Wizard, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz as sister witches and Michelle Williams as Glinda. The purpose of the film is to understand how the carnival man from Kansas came to be the great and powerful Wizard of Oz, or in other words, how Obama came to become President:
Being released next Fourth of July week is The Lone Ranger with Armi Hammer and Johnny Depp. Disney released the first trailer for it at ComiCon today and the preliminary is: it's far more about railroads then you could have imagined. This MIGHT be a very good thing; why? The railroads brought the country together, as opposed to the Civil War which has been constant in films of the last year. The railroad industry was one of the early successful capitalist endeavors in the US... but we never know. As soon as the trailer is released, I will get it up.
In the meantime, let's take a look at the newest Frankenweenie due out October 5. Why is this film, from socialist Tim Burton, important?  This particular trailer released today at ComicCon pays homage to all the great horror classics which Burton grew up with and from which he continuously purges material and ideas. What's so sad is, those films were "lessons" and metaphors for the same kinds of evil which Burton is now using the genre to support and  get into government:
V/H/S/, the story of some misfits hired by an unknown third party to break into a desolate house and steal a VHS tape, is scheduled for a November release in Argentina (so it might be going straight to video here). These are the most recent horror film trailers being released and I would like to consider them as a whole, so just watch them all:
I have posted this trailer before, but it fits in with these other trailers and the aesthetic (I just can't finishing watching it because it's so scary!) so here is Sinister again:
The Possession, being released at the end of August:
To me, The Helpers (September) is what Obamacare is going to be like: 
388 Arletta Avenue:
One person wrote, "Let the "entire movie was filmed with a video camera so it looks like real events" genre die a merciful death." So why doesn't it? The continuing of this "aesthetic" takes us back to the 1980s (when home VHS cameras became readily available) up to today, and if they continue utilizing the method, then that self-awareness and self-reflection with celluloid media has a lot to do with the problems that these films analyze and try to draw our attention to. Compliance, "inspired" by true events, is about a restaurant that gets a prank call and it turns the whole place upside-down; this is definitely another anti-capitalist film:
A long with that is The Awakening, taking place after the great loss of life of World War I in 1921 England. This is one of many films seeking to "debunk" the theories of the afterlife/ghosts (there are three more below) and why would that be important? Because it's an effort to ultimately decide whether or not we have a soul (that immaterial part of us that will continue to live after we die) and if we go through judgment (as in, the Final Judgment and what we do really does or does not matter).
Red Lights has just been released throughout the US, and while it doesn't exactly explore ghosts and the afterlife, the super natural is its aim (that which is above nature):
And The Apparition also due out in August:
Loosely based on that 1980s classic The Breakfast Club, Bad Kids Go To Hell gives us the story of six students in detention on a stormy Saturday that each meet a horrible fate (no release date yet set, I didn't think it a good idea to post the rather graphic trailer). Now, think I have been paranoid? Please watch this trailer for  Supercapitalist about a New York hedge fund analyst who moves to Honk Kong and starts a deal that escalates beyond his control:
That shot of the Hong Kong skyline should look familiar because we saw it in Battleship when the first alien bombs hit one of the financial capitols of the world. Yes, capitalism is under attack, but keeping eyes open for what vocabulary is being used makes all the difference in being able to understand and then defend the capitalist system.