Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trailers: Red Lights, Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Watch, Hotel Transylvania, The Last Ride

By Helene Schjerfbeck. I am quite ill, please pray for my recovery, thank you.
My next post is on Orson Welles' film noir thriller The Lady From Shanghai. It's really something of a masterpiece; most people wouldn't say that, and I won't argue that I am easily dominated by the greatness of Orson Welles; he makes me swoon, so when he's got an Irish brogue on top of his skillful use of the camera and script, it's love. It won't be a long post, I think there are some points of interest my words would be merely vulgar against his genius, but it summarizes better than most the sexual consequences of dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and the darkness creeping into our souls as a result (this is part of my on-going series started with The Second Original Sin: Art In the Atomic Age).  
I missed this trailer.  Red Lights has apparently all ready been released in Spain, but with this all star cast, I can't wait to see it. Please note that Cillian Murphy's character is mistaken for Sigourney Weaver's character; this is a great set up for how "reality" itself will be mistaken throughout the film:
Due out in July is The Watch (this is the second trailer): 
And, due out in September, Hotel Transylvania (which looks deceptively simple; monsters are always a sign of plague or disease, so a hotel full of them probably reflects America, even Congress, the question is how will it end):
In the meantime, please enjoy this trailer for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower opening in September:
Next January, The Babymakers is due out and there are disturbing things about it, but mostly, the fiascoes arsing from a man selling his sperm, then being unable to bear children later in life, is accurate. The extra-topical issues around abortion (the right to life issues as the main topic, but then there are issues stemming from that) and promiscuous sexual behavior seem to be well-documented in this trailer:
Hit and Run, being released in August, gives us the story of a man who had entered into Witness Protection after informing on his fellow bank robbers; when his old friends get out of jail, they come back for the money. What crime has been committed, we might ask, in this country involving the theft of money, and no one really knowing about the past of a crooked person? There is some bad language, so please, be aware:
And the story of music's "original bad boy," Hank Williams, The Last Ride, due out this month, is probably a socialist film; why? If Mr. Williams were on a state sponsored art program, then he wouldn't have become rich, and he wouldn't have become a drunk and he wouldn't have died. By painting a truly miserable picture of how much artists suffer because of capitalism, film makers are hoping--just from the trailer--to make sure you cast a sympathy vote in November:
Dark Horse opens this weekend in Portugal:
After I get The Lady From Shanghai up, I hope to get up Double Indemnity, and then Prometheus and Madagascar 3 are opening this weekend, so I will be seeing those.