Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rock Of Ages: Correction

I am not going to be looking for what I thought in this week's new release Rock Of Ages: there have been so many good films being released, I haven't given this the thought it deserves.  What's the vehicle of the film? The Bourbon Room is shutting down and "Stacee Jaxx" is their only hope of staying open. This relationship between art and money was seen in The Artist (which won the coveted Oscar for Best Picture last year), The Raven with Edgar Allan Poe and Men In Black III (with Andy Warhol's role).
Catherine Zeta-Jones' character is running for mayor of Los Angeles. This mixing of politics and religion is going to be the definition of what the "Rock Of Ages" for America is: were we founded on religion or capitalism? This is a good, strong diametrical opposition going, but there is probably going to be a wake up call for Stacee Jaxx and the lifestyle he's been living.
Underneath the noise and the bad hairstyles, we should be looking for money: who is making it, how, what is being done with it and why (please see the picture below). What is being sold? Music, i.e., art, and how is that being portrayed by the film? Is the money ruining Stacee Jaxx, so we should do away with capitalism so everyone is equally poor and not ruined? Or is money and power ruining the church lady running for mayor? On the sideline, but still in full-play, is sexuality and what happened to our sexual identities in the 1980's and 1990's, not only in terms of promiscuity, but the gender break-downs between male and female. I am suddenly looking forward to this very much! Regardless of which side it comes out on, this is a great example of how art is meant to increase our discussions in society about what is taking place and why!
What are they doing? The books.