Friday, June 8, 2012

Prometheus & the Cross

Dear Readers,
I would like to humbly extend my deepest apologies to director Ridley Scott: I declared that I didn't trust him and have been less than lukewarm towards his newest release this weekend, Prometheus. I had no idea he would make a film like this. I really can't believe he made this. It's very Christian based, while still an alien film, and the film realizes that. I am working on the post now because I know everyone will be going to see it this weekend and if you are thinking about it, do, go see it, you might be a bit perplexed, but just sit back and enjoy it. I saw it in 2D and it was fine (the 2D showing was earlier so that's why I skipped the 3D) but I am sure the effects of the 3D would be excellent if you enjoy that added bonus.
"We came from them. They will come for us." This film asks some of the most basic and challenging questions to a Christian, and it's great, that's why you should see it, because it still comes out on the side of Christianity. It will make you think but, as always, don't be afraid of that.
I complained immediately about this clip when Scott released it, saying it was a part of the film without being a part of the film. Well, he shouldn't have done it this way, but here it is again for you if you are going to see it this weekend. Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland who finances the ship Prometheus and the trip to the planet where the researchers find the aliens. In the actual film, however, Weyland is very, very old, so this is an "adjacent" clip that didn't make it into the film but does explain his character more than the film does.
This, too, might be helpful to watch again: it's David, the robot on board the Prometheus which... "helps" the crew in their scientific exploration.