Friday, May 25, 2012

Men In Black III: Go C It!

This is what socialism looks like in New York City...
I am so grateful I was wrong!!!!  
Men In Black 3, opening today, is a GREAT capitalist film, done extremely well, really, really enjoyed it! Working on getting that post up tonight and later going to see Chernobyl Diaries!
What a great way to spend Memorial Day!
Regrettably, I am not getting to see Moonlight Kingdom this week (it is coming to my area, just not opening here). It has a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes (unusually high) but there is something you can be looking for: when Sam asks Suzy, "What kind of bird are you?" (and then the Scout Leader says, Sam "flew the coop") it references the big event of 1965, the first "early bird" telecommunications satellite was launched, beginning America's love affair with direct and nearly instantaneous contact between Europe and North America, and allowing for television, telephone, and fax transmissions.
Citing this piece of communications history, the way people in the film communicate with each other (and fail to communicate) will be the history lesson Anderson wants to teach us about how we are today because of what we did in 1965. Has all our advances in technology been for nothing if we have to use a bull horn to communicate with people in the same house as us? It looks to be another great work from Anderson and I can hardly wait to catch it!
GI Joe Retaliation is not opening until March 2013. Despite the success of the original GI Joe, the supposed failure of Battleship at the box office has forced the decision so the film can be adapted for 3-D. That's really upsetting to me, it's not going to be nearly as relevant next year.