Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dark Knight Rises

Last night, I posted Latest Trailers (with several new ones) before I posted For the Lov Of Dodo: Obama's Political Allies & The Pirates! Band Of Misfits! (which I decided to post before The Raven review, as there is one last item I need to read before getting that up). Out on DVD/Blu-Ray this week is Joyful Noise (the Dolly Parton-Queen Latifah film), Haywire (Steven Soderbergh's latest action flick), W.E. (Madonna's film about Wallis Simpson) and George Harrison Living In the Material World, nominated for the BAFTA and Critics Choice for best documentary about his life and the role spirituality played in it. When I thought I had gotten up all the latest, these images and trailers were waiting, so here is the latest Dark Knight Rises:
This trailer provides us with far more information. The billionaire Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is under attack, as is all of the upper-class, and the revolt from the lower class has become irrational and criminal. Now, Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) mistaking the Batplane for a car is revelatory because she will probably mistake something else important, too. Anyway, we know more now and it looks to be excellent! In the meantime, here is a short, compliments of Warner Brothers, about the history of vampires in preparation for Dark Shadows (which, long-time readers will all ready be familiar with):
And a new trailer from The Chernobyl Diaries. It might be tempting to skip this film, but the ecocide as well as the increasing awareness of the former Soviet Union in films (The Darkest Hour, Mission Impossible 4) means that we still have quite a bit to learn about what happened "over there":
Next up is The Raven, followed by The Raid!