Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Saw This Weekend

Friday was my birthday, so my family has graciously lavished celebrations upon me; I did get some much needed sleep over the weekend and am feeling much better now.
For my birthday, my dad and sister took me to see The Raven and, despite being as radical of a cross-section of American movie-going viewers as we are (dad likes only action, the less dialogue the better; sister likes rom-coms, the more romance the better; I like foreign films, the more abstract, the better) all three of us loved it! I went back and saw it a second time, having missed a couple of items. Before sis and I got to the theater, dad said he heard people leaving who were complaining about how bad it was; when I went back the second time, the usher told me how much she liked it, and while I loved it he first time, I liked it even better the second time!
I also saw The Pirates! Band Of Misfits and see it as a pro-Obama film, supporting his re-election campaign. I also saw the highly-acclaimed (and deserving of every bit of praise) The Raid: Redemption which was truly an incredible film! It's possible that it illustrates for us the intense conflicts taking place in the Philippines between Islam and Christianity and the stakes for the people there, materially and spiritually. Much later today, I will have up my review of The Raven, and tomorrow I will be able to get up the reviews for both The Pirates! Band of Misfits and The Raid.
Readers have most generously been leaving a plethora of comments, and I deeply appreciate it and will be answering all of them asap!