Monday, April 30, 2012

Latest Trailers

I love Tom Hardy. I love Jessica Chastain. Gary Oldman? He can do no wrong. Guy Pearce just had an impressive showing in Lockout; here's Lawless, due out August 31.
"This is a war they're waging," and the disintegration of Franklin is probably like all the other Civil War references in films these days. Quentin Tarantion's latest is a Western, two years before the Civil War; with an all-star cast (Jamie Foxx, Lenoardo DiCaprio, Christopher Waltz [you remember, the Nazi from Inglorious Bastards that killed everyone?], Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Costner, Kurt Rusell, Don Johnson--the list continues--Sacha Baron-Cohan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keith Carradine, etc., etc., etc.,) Django Unchained is set for release this December (no trailer yet).
Who would be conducting illegal activities that thinks they are higher than the law and can get away with it? I'll let you answer that one. It's probably not by accident that John Carter was from Virginia, the film Lawless takes place in Virginia and Jennifer Connelly is named Virginia in the upcoming trailer due May 18:
Virginia was the premiere state in the early history of this country, the greatest politicians came from the wealthy state and the continual invocation may be a reference to that early history of the country. House At the End Of the Street, starring Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) and Elizabeth Shue (Adventures In Babysitting) is due out in September:
It's very interesting, a double murder; the child killing the mother and the father, would of course symbolically mean a generation of Americans killing the Founding Fathers and Mother Church. That will be an interesting film.
Good news! With over 70 reviews, The Avengers opening this week is FRESH!
Women with different talents, Whitney Houston's last film Sparkle opens August 17:
Opening September 28 is Looper:
In and of itself, Looper might not be that impressive (except that it is, on a political level, because what we do now is going to effect us killing ourselves in the future). But Safety Not Guaranteed, due out in June, is the opposite, going back in time to right regrets; what regrets would you right?
A way of looking at the "coming of age" genre is as a "time travel film into the future," because children are the future, so when there is a film about kids wanting to kill themselves... that's pretty serious, in too many ways:
David Croenberg.
I just don't know that I can watch another film by him, but here Cosmopolis, the story of a 28 year-old billionaire who gets in his stretch limo to drive across Manhattan for a haircut and all the class war protests he faces in the day:
So many great films coming out, and this is only a handful!