Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few New Trailers

"There's only one man who can authorize a strike like that, and I voted for him," so says the Rock in G.I. Joe Retaliation (June 29) in this newest international trailer (here is another version I can't find on YouTube it's worth watching):
Here is Tony Stark doing a "headcount" (with a glass in his hand, of course) for the upcoming The Avengers, opening next weekend, May 4:
And, with an introduction from Captain America himself, here is another clip of Iron Man vs. Thor:
This is good: this is some of the information that I have been looking for, from Snow White & the Huntsman (June 1 release), the "Bound" trailer:
And from Brave, (June 22); there is more here than appears:
I just love new films; I have to admit, it does kinda suck when I have gone to the theater and I have all ready seen all the trailers because I've posted them here,... but I get over it pretty quick.