Monday, March 5, 2012

Project X & the Democratic "Party"

(As of April 18, I am considering changing my verdict about this film: I don't think it's possible that someone could make this film and be serious about it unless, as I have always argued, it is a metaphor for something else going on in the real world, specifically, the American political scene. There are just too many striking similarities to the political atmosphere of the last three years to take itself literally and, I rather think like Gulliver's Travels, I took what was supposed to be satire and made it literal; if this is the case, I GIVE MY FULL SUPPORT FOR THE FILM, as I can understand it being a satire for the Democratic party and Liberals trying to run this country, but if it's not a satire, if it seeks to inspire people to aim for this life, forget about it).
The 3 main characters seriously drugged and drunk. Just as Thomas (the birthday boy in the middle, which would translate as Obama's birthday in getting re-elected) is celebrated at school for what he did, so liberals and democrats are celebrating Obama for what he is doing.
The only reason I went to see Project X  was the hope that the horrible party behavior depicted in the trailer was going to be punished and hence, could be taken as a  sign that the "party" of the Democrats is coming to an end; the behavior in the film was not punished, it was rewarded. Any parents who allow their kids to see this film should have their kids taken away from them. The film presumes that we are animals: we have no souls and we are ruled by our appetites. A perfect example is, before the party, the 3 boys (and speaking of 3 boys, I far and infinitely prefer Chronicle to this horrific "film") are at a grocery store and Costa steals condoms, saying, "I'm not going to pay for these," because the Democrat party has taught him that birth control is not only a right, but the duty of the government to provide.
This is one of the really sad introverted moments of the film, when the dog Milo is tied up with balloons, because it shows the film is self-aware enough to invoke the economy being artificially "kept afloat" and it doesn't care!  The house is flooded by water trying to put out a fire which refers to mortgages that are "under water," and people just walking away from them (as the boys do in the film) and it doesn't care! It shows the car being bailed out of the pool, the "auto bail out," and it doesn't care! Thomas' college fund is all used up to pay for the cost of fixing what he has destroyed and he doesn't care! He had a great night and that's all that matters. I hope someone has a party like this at Warner Brothers' Studios.
The only thing these three boys are concerned with: sex, sex, sex.
As long as it is someone else's house, someone else has to pay for it. Even though the film made a pretense of the boys being punished, they weren't, because their lawyers got them all off the hook so there were no consequences to what they have done (who are the lawyers? Politicians, because nearly all politicians are lawyers). All the girls in this film are sluts, and I mean that in the full definition of the word, girls having the "morals" of men; it was so sad to see these poor girls used for nothing but sexual pleasure of guys they didn't even know, but by the Obama Administration's definition, this is "freedom."  This is definitely a pro-Democrat film because it has no shame.
The guy setting the neighborhood on fire? An ex-military, current drug dealer, if that is not a slap in the face to our armed forces! Because Costa also stole drugs from this guy, he came after them because "You burn me, I'll burn you!" and that is the ONLY justice that happens in the film.