Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out on DVD/Blu-Ray This Week...

I didn't think The Skin I Live In would be released on DVD/Blu-Ray until March,... oh, wait, it is March! While there is quite a bit of nudity in this film, and some violence, it is about our bodies and openly supports that we are not, as Ewen MacGregor's character says in Beginners, just randomly put her with our personality created by someone else (his way of talking about God). We are our soul, and we have free will to choose, even after we have been sinners (willingly) we are not our sexual identities, which is what the liberals want us to believe. This film is so loaded with layers and layers of meaning, I will be watching this several times and trying to answer all the questions (especially those about the art in the film) I wasn't able to previously (my review for The Skin I Live In has been a constant on the most popular posts of the last seven days [in the right hand column of this blog] because it really really really makes you think and totally shocks you!).
Newest image from Prometheus.
There are also some new images being released this week.
Ridley Scott's Prometheus,  which is "the same DNA" as his sci-fi hit Alien, is supposed to be about the distress call of Space Jockey will play a part which the image above is supposedly invoking the original room where Space Jockey was found.
Do you buy it?
And this new image of space traveling Will Smith in this summer's sci-fi release of Men In Black 3. We haven't really had a chance to discuss the idea of going back in time, like Back to the Future, for example, and that may be a good film for us to discuss (with the other two Men In Black films, of course) leading up to the release, but when we go back in time, it's a collapsing of a historical point in our history with the problems of today. That sounds pretty obvious, (not knowing "the secrets of the universe" Men In Black will be discussing, I can't elaborate upon that here) but just as Back to the Future correlated the problems with George McFly's self-esteem with World War II, so Men In Black is going to be making a huge political statement, we will just have to watch and listen closely.
Immortals comes out this week. It had a huge opening weekend, nearly doubling the profit which Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows had, and, while many people would say it was violent,... I didn't find it so? It's that okay? Really, I was expecting violence on the scale of 300 or Saving Private Ryan, and I wasn't phased at all... am I jaded? Possibly. The reason, however, that I really liked this film is twofold: first, it promotes chastity and celibacy. Yes, really, it does. As soon as the leading man and woman have sex, the enemy takes over control and the titans are released. The second reason I liked it was the great fight scene at the end between the gods and titans, that was done quite well (my review is Immortals & Divine Deeds).
Being released next week is the film I most wanted to see, Melancholia. I have a feeling there will be a long wait on this one, but I will get it asap because I think this is going to be a very rich film (while I am not a particular fan of Ms. Dunst's [not since Interview With the Vampire, anyway] I have seen some clips of the film in which she performs exceptionally well).
For today and tomorrow, I am getting up posts on Invasion Of the Body Snatchers (what an incredible film that is!) and Invaders From Mars (even more incredible, if that's possible!). But it is amazing how the message of Invasion of the Body Snatchers is still so relevant for our needs today (I will also be doing The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Blob and ending with Jaws, the perfect film). Then, there is a midnight showing of John Carter I am going to try and make it to and get a post up (at least a preliminary one) by Friday afternoon, Silent House and A Thousand Words (Eddie Murphy) are also opening this week; those two will be up by Monday.
Playback, starring Christian Slater, is also opening this weekend, just not in my area, but if it were, I would be anxiously going to see this. So many films lately (Paranormal Activity 3, Chronicle, Project X, etc.) have employed the "found footage" aesthetic that Playback gives us an examination of that medium and what is happening to us because of that "reality becomes entertainment" quality which is more and more defining our culture.