Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Newest Snow White & the Huntsman Trailer AND Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

There is a bit of redundancy in the beginning for what you have all ready seen, but be patient:
My favorite line of that, "I will give this wretched world the queen it deserves," because I am thinking, as long as a narrative today gives us a fight, that's going to be a undermining to the current political regime. A great dichotomy being employed is that of the corrupt and deadly queen walking into the white... bath? Is that an over-the-top milk bath? I have no idea, but we do know it is white, and the mirror, being in gold imagery contrasts with the decay we know her kingdom is experiencing (white begin pure or clean or faithful, and the gold also being pure and strong [as in, tried by fire]). Then, we have Snow White, who is the destined salvation of the kingdom but has to go through the sewer and the dark forest to fulfill her destiny. Queen Ravenna hides her inner corruption while Snow White's inner purity and strength is hidden (hence why only a mirror can see it, they symbolize meditation and the contemplative life
Just like Dorothy traveling through the woods to get to the Wicked Witch's castle, Snow White will have to travel through them as well, but that always symbolizes the inner-journey of purification and overcoming weakness. Why does the queen have to consume her heart? Therein lies the fight, the guts of a person to stand up to the evil in the world and win. This is the kind of characteristic I expect to see in Katniss in The Hunger Games as the quality that will set her apart from others so two female warriors, Snow White and Katniss, will be easy to compare.
The big, green tall, winged thing monster we see in the forest reminds me of a minotaur, usually a male symbol for uncontrollable sexuality which reminds me,.... where is the prince? Snow White and the Huntsman still has not produced a clip with the prince (who would represent the upper, royal class) but instead has focused on the lower class (the huntsman) and the disenfranchised (the dwarfs and Snow White herself).
Sam Claflin as the prince; you might remember him from Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides.
Speaking of great lines, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter teaches us this one: "Only the living can kill the dead." 
Again, Honest Abe appears to be going after "blood-sucking politicians" who are killing the "mother land," America. Axes have never been a weapon used to kill vampires, but it symbolizes Mr. Lincoln's early poverty and hard-work, which has always been a sign of honesty. Just as the country was divided in the Civil War, the country is divided now, and we need another Lincoln to clean house, the House of Representatives, that is. While we knew young Abe saw his mother die by vampires when he was a boy (read: when he was growing up, he saw how politics was tearing the country apart) we have a fantastic glimpse of his mom dying in the trailer (I AM assuming the young boy looking through the upper stair floor boards down on the woman in bed below is young Abe and his mother).
If the woman lying in bed is sickly, that again "feeds" into the idea that the country is "weak and dying" and the vampires are taking advantage of that to feed off her.
What's unusual about this is the vampire sucking her blood from the wrist (usually in culture it is from the jugular vein in the throat). As a part of the arm, the wrist would symbolize strength but also its relation to the hand invokes justice (because of "the hand of justice") so the politicians are "sucking dry" the strength of the country and the justice system; even a baby (the young boy) has the intellect (the upper stairs room) to read between the lines (seeing through the cracks of the floor boards) what is happening to this country.
Well, if you are interested, here is an alternate Dark Shadows trailer, featuring, at the end, "No more Mr. Nice Guy" himself, Alice Cooper as himself: